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Are you a “green” mama?  Have you heard of Lunapads?  Ever considered using cloth menstrual pads, but weren’t really sure what the “deal” was with them?  I did.  When I started using cloth diapers, my best friend figured, hey, I can use reusable pads.  So that got me thinking, maybe I could give them a shot too.  So, I contacted them and they agreed to sponsor this review (as well as a giveaway).  
Are you wondering now what I thought after using them?  Well, you have to read on a bit more because first I want to share some information about the company and their mission.
 Lunapads International is a women – owned and operated social mission-based business based in Vancouver, Canada.  Their goal is to help individuals have healthier and more positive experiences of their menstrual cycles and their bodies overall.    All of the products have been created or chosen based on their own unique needs and lifestyles.  You know you are getting a great product because they use them themselves and have done so for years.  

The Lunapads Mission
 Lunapads donates washable pads to women’s groups to support their fundraising efforts.  They also regularly donate washable pads to women in developing nations.  Pads4Girls campaign, and Imagine1Day are some of the programs that help support young girls in need of menstrual supplies.
Lunapads regularly invite women wanting to start their own business to their office to interview them about their experience , ask questions and bounce around ideas.  They provide leads, contact and advice.
Lunapads is a member of many social and business networks.
Both Madeleine and Suzanne both are volunteers in organizations supporting women and green living.

Lunapads consist of two parts, the pad base and the insert.  The pad base features wings that fasten around your underwear and the inserts secure to the base with ric-rac bands.  Lunapds inserts are made up of 2 layers of highly absorbent fleece.  The inserts absorb most of the flow leaving the base clean and dry.  For additional absorbency, you can purchase additional inserts.  The pad base is made up of 1 layer of ultra-thin nylon to minimize soaking through.

Notice the ric-rac bands to hold the liners in place.

Lunapads offers pads and inserts from 8″ to 14″ long.  I received a Postpartum / Heavy Pad with both the wing and trifold liner inserts and a Maxi Pad with 2 liner inserts to review.  I will admit, I was a bit nervous to try them out because my test phase would be immediately after having my baby.  But, I was excited too.  I remember after having my daughter how uncomfortable the pads were and how much I hated having to wear them.  I didn’t use the pads in the hospital though because I wasn’t sure how long it would hold up for and didn’t really want to have to carry a bloody pad home with me because I remembered how much blood there could be after having a baby.  So, I began using them as soon as I got home.  I was actually excited to try them out since I felt like I was wearing a huge diaper home!  
I know that every woman is different and I didn’t bleed a ton, so I never had to test out the full absorbency of the pad, although I did wear the Postpartum Pad with both inserts to begin with just in case.  The liner inserts are very absorbent though, because it never even leaked through to the second insert.  With both inserts, this pad was a bit bulky, but in order to do its job, it has to be.  It was visible from the back unless you are wearing something very loose.  After a few days, I felt safe enough to not wear both liners with this.  I did find that because of the bulk, it was easiest to use this pad overnight.  The wing liner doesn’t have snap down wings, so the first time I used it, I was a bit confused about what to do with the wings, but they just lay against your thighs.

Soon after, I was able to switch to the maxi pad.  What I loved right away was the comfort of this pad.  It was very thin.  Plus, I could wear the pad with one liner, then switch liners, and then with no liners before washing.   If you need a little more absorbency, you can use both liners.  I found this to be a great feature of the Lunapads – the ability to change the absorbency to meet your needs on a daily basis without having to go to the store and buy many different pads.  

The biggest downfall to the Lunapads that I received was that the ric-rac bands tend to get blood on them, so while you can change the liners, the base pad still has a bit of blood on the bands.  I did have some pilling on the liners and pads, but that doesn’t effect the absorbency.  I washed my pads with my cloth diapers, rinsing them first in cold water.  They did not come out of the wash cycles completely stain free, but on their care page of the website, they have some recommendations for getting out the stains.

 Just a few pictures to show you the thickness with both liners.

The pilling that did occur.

The postpartum pad is 14 ” long, and after the initial wash and dry, shrunk down to 12″ long.  This pad sells for $26.99 with the base pad and the trifold liner.  The wing liner I received can be purchased for $12.99 for a set of 2.  

The maxi pad is 10″ long and shrunk down to 9″.  This pad sells for $16.99 and additional inserts can be purchased for $5.99 in sets of 2.  

Plus….right now there is free shipping on orders over $75.00

All of the pads come in a variety of patterns and colors with many options for colors of inserts as well.  I am so glad that I was able to try these out.  While I am sure it will be awhile before I need them again because I am breastfeeding, I will definitely be using them when it’s time.  

Connect with Lunapads

 Do you want a chance to win some?  Giveaway coming in the next few days for a $50 Credit to spend on whatever Lunapads products you want.

*I received these products free of charge for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are my own but may differ from your experience.*


  • This was an awesome post/review! As a lunapad user for over a year, I would highly recommend these to women everywhere. I haven’t bought disposable pads since I started using lunapads! There is a learning curve, so be sure to stick it out for a few months until you figure out which combinations of pads and liners works best for your needs!

  • Hi Shannon,
    Thanks for the review. I just wanted to comment on the photo of the black pad with the white fluff on it that you referred to as piling. It looks like that must have rubbed off from one of the cloth diapers that you washed the pads with as this is not what Lunapads normally look like after washing. If the piling had have come from the pad itself it would have been black not white.
    Thanks again!

    • You know, I was just talking to my best friend about them this morning and she said the same thing. I had never given that any thought. Thank you!

  • Those sound awesome. I was planning on getting some mamacloth after I had my baby in the beginning of December, but god decided to take him early today. Wish I would have stocked up early. Now I am stuck using disposable pads, and no money to purchase some because I’ll be out of work for atleast a week.

  • I recently started using cloth pads. They are so much more comfortable than disposable! I wish I would have known about them when I had my son a few years ago. I was so uncomfortable from wearing a disposable pad for weeks after having him!

  • I currently use cloth pads and never tried Luna Pads but would love to try another brand and see how they work. I just think they are so much more comfortable

  • After using only cloth diapers on my son, I couldn’t use or buy disposable pads ever again. I have only had a few aunt flo’s, now expecting #2, I am building my mama cloth stash, I have a moon cup and the diva cup.

  • I love Lunapads, would like to try a Diva Cup also. Luckily it should be awhile before my cycle returns though. I just had my baby boy 2 months ago.

    Kristen Bobbitt

  • I know some people are squeamish about the idea of reusable cloth pads (and cups), but I love the idea! Not only are they better for the Earth, but I believe they are better for ME. Some of my menstrual symptoms I used to think were simply because of my period, but when I started using non-bleached natural products, my symptoms disappeared! I haven’t tried Luna products yet, but I am a fan of the concept!

  • I do not use reusable pads, but would love to try them. Until I started using cloth diapers on my LO I had absolutely no idea that mama cloth existed. I am positive they have to be more comfortable that yucky disposable pads.

  • I have not used cloth pads before, but would love to try them! I just bought a cup, but haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, so we’ll see how it goes.

  • I use a moon cup which I totally love, but I am so interested in trying out cloth pads, as the first few nights are the more leak prone for the cup. We use cloth diapers on our daughter, and I keep thinking to myself, I really need to get some mommy cloth!!

  • I just placed a smaller order last month to give cloth a try and I am SOLD!! I have 8 children – 6 girls and 2 boys. 2 of my girls are teens and excited to go cloth as well. Winning would be huge for us:)

  • I’m transitioning to Lunapads and just finished my first cycle with them. So far, I’m loving it! I would love to win this contest because I still need to build up my stash.

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