#FromBellyToBaby Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Audio System *Review*

While I was pregnant, I had the opportunity to review the Ritmo Sound system.
 What is Ritmo?
Ritmo is the best prenatal sound system for you and baby.

Research in human fetal development shows that babies exposed to music, while in-utero display advanced intelligence, coordination, and learning abilities.  A fetus can hear clearly from 17 weeks of pregnancy.  Babies remember and process sounds heard prenatally and learn to link them with emotions and moods.   

That is great, but how can you safely have the baby in your belly listen to music?  The Ritmo system was created to ensure a true, relaxing and comfortable experience for you and your developing baby.  

The Ritmo system provides safety of your developing baby, comfort for you, and a combination of sound and acoustics.  The unique 4 speaker surround sound safety belt interacts with the structure of the womb making it safer for baby to receive the sounds because they are spread across the entire stomach.  Most other similar systems only offer 2 speakers.  The Ritmo Safe and Sound Controller (the “brain”) produces a stable and safe decibel level designed for baby.  It measures and controls the right sound outputs for baby removing any “sound harm concerns” ou may have.

The Ritmo belt fits around your entire belly for comfort.  You can move about and it stays in place.  Using the extender belt, you can wear this comfortably throughout the pregnancy.  

My experience with the Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Audio System
I was a little  leery at first, I don’t like things strapped around me.  I was pleasantly surprised though, the belt was very comfortable.  I was able to wear the belt until the very end of my pregnancy, which was a bit surprising because my belly was way out there.  In fact, there was still plenty of room to grow, you could even wear this with twins I think.  The belt is also made of a breathable and stretchy material so it doesn’t make you super hot while you are wearing it.  It also fits nicely under my shirt directly on my belly, but for the purpose of the pictures, I had it on over my shirt. 

My phone does not fit all the way in the pocket

Plenty of room to grow still

 I liked that I could use  my phone with the Ritmo (Evo 4G), but  it works with any phone that plays music and has a headphone jack.  It also works with an ipod or plugged into the computer. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to adjust the sound so that I wasn’t hearing it, but really is very simple to do following the directions that come with the Ritmo.  I wasn’t able to test it out on an ipod of any sort since mine was stolen, but it will work well with them as well.  The wires tuck inside the pockets so you don’t have to worry about them sticking out and catching on things. 

I wore the belt when we would go for walks or just outside to play.  I also wore it around the house.  I put the belt on every night when I was watching tv since I watch murder shows and didn’t think my baby needed to hear that.  

There is a pouch / pocket on each side of the belt, one for the ipod / phone and the other for the sound controller that comes with the Ritmo.  The sound controller is what the speakers are connected to.  There is a separate wire on the other side for the phone to plug into.  I like that there is also an on / off switch on the sound controller.  The Ritmo was very easy to use and it was nice knowing baby wasn’t listening to things I didn’t want my baby to hear.  

If you want to, you can load your voice reading a story, or a sibling or grandparent to your phone or ipod and play that for the baby.  What a great way for family that doesn’t live close by to bond with baby.  Or for a day who works out of state for weeks at a time, as in our case.  Our little guy must have gotten use to hearing daddy’s voice even though he is gone a lot because as soon as he was born, he calmed down quickly whenever John would talk to him.   

I also loved that it wasn’t solid material covering your entire belly and that it was open between the top and bottom because I love to rub my hand on my belly to “touch” my baby…or just to scratch my belly.  Plus, it comes with a great storage pouch making it easy to take with you anywhere. 

The one con I found was that my phone didn’t fit all the way in the pocket as you can see in the above pictures.  It didn’t fall out when I was doing things, but I would have liked if it fit all the way in the pocket.  

Coming soon, a use for that post natal feature on the sound controller.  You will be able to use the Ritmo even after pregnancy on the crib, the stroller, and even on toys.

Ritmo includes:

  • Prenatal Audio Belt
  • 4 Mini Premium Speaker
  • 1 Belt Extender
  • 1 Audio Splitter
  • 1 Detailed Instructional Booklet

Ritmo™ Advanced includes the addition of:

  • 1 Audio Controller
  • 1 Washable Protective Pouch
  • 1 Power Supply Charger

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*I received this product free of charge for the purpose of this review.  However, all opinions are mine and were not influenced in any way.*


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