#FromBellyToBaby *The BooB*TooB and Lil’ Squirts Review*

#FromBellyToBaby *The BooB*TooB and Lil’ Squirts Review*

I was given the opportunity to review the BooB*TooB nursing cover and I was excited.  This isn’t your ordinary nursing cover. When it arrived, I was surprised with a little bonus in the package – Lil’ Squirts reusable nursing pads.

The BooB*TooB was invented by Nicole who was searching for a nursing cover that truly kept her covered.  Watch this video clip to hear how Nicole started the BooB*TooB.

The BooB*TooB is made of thin but strong breathable cotton – baby throws off enough heat for all of us!  The Boob*TooB is super light and can be easily folded into a diaper bag.  They are 7″ by 8″ and 2.5″ thick and can be washed with your other baby stuff and then air dried.  They come packaged with a big tulle bow and a card. 

To use the BooB*TooB, simple place it on one shoulder and under the other just like you would a Miss America sash (go ahead, feel like a princess).  Place baby inside and the two of you can wiggle around as much as you want to.  It looks like a tube, with elastic at the top and the bottom and wiggle room in between.

My experience

We really liked our Boob*TooB.  It fits comfortably around you and baby and no matter how much kicking or punching or wiggling baby does, this cover stays in place.  Plus, it is soft.  My little Charlie man is 8 weeks old, and sometimes needs assistance latching back on.  The shirt I am wearing in public is one of the few shirts I wear where I NEED a nursing cover.  It pulls down and completely exposes my breast, so having something that stays over him and I is great!

The  BooB*TooB – The only nursing cover that’s got your BACK, your FRONT, and your SIDES.

This cover is absolutely perfect if you are in a crowded place because there will be no flashing!  Charlie is 23 inches long and has plenty of room to move in this.  In the above picture, we were playing cards with my family, and my uncle is always a bit worried about being flashed by the boob, so with this, he wasn’t even afraid to sit next to me.  The other pictures were taken at the high school football field.  This is also a great nursing cover to have if you are someplace where it’s a little bit windy because this cover stays in place.  AND….the patterns in her shop are adorable!  I am always excited when I have the opportunity to choose my own print.  When I decided on this one, I fell in love with it, not knowing that we were having a boy.  When we had our baby boy, I fell in love all over again!

As you can see, it covers well and stays in place.  Little Charlie man loves this cover.  He was having a rough day when we were at the football practice.  He didn’t calm down and eat at all, but once I put on the nursing cover for him to eat, he ate, fell asleep and was very content with everything else blocked out.  If you have a baby who is easily distracted, this is the perfect cover to keep them focused.  

The one thing I didn’t like as much about this cover versus my other nursing covers is that I can’t see my little guy and he loves to stare at me when he is nursing.  

I also received the Lil’ Squirts reusable nursing pads.  They are made of 100 % Cotton Flannel on the side that goes toward your skin to soak up any lil’ squirts!  The outer side is 100 % Polyester Fleece to create a waterproof yet breathable shield.  I must say, these nursing pads are incredibly soft!  I love the pink flannel pattern too.  Nicole didn’t know this, but pink is my favorite color.  I love pink things!  The Lil’ Squirts are very comfortable and with the 3 layers between the front and back, very absorbent.  I am excited to share all of my nursing pads with my sister in law who can’t seem to stay dry, especially at night.  A problem I never faced, but have heard many moms talk about.  I am hoping these are able to keep her and her bed dry all night. These nursing pads are thinner than disposables and a whole lot more comfortable!


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Where do you breastfeed on a regular basis?

*I received a BooB*TooB and Lil’ Squirts free for the purpose of this review.  This didn’t influence my opinion at all.  All opinions are my own and may differ from yours.* 


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