#FromBellyToBaby *Udder Covers Giftset Review and Giveaway*

#FromBellyToBaby *Udder Covers Giftset Review and Giveaway*

I love breastfeeding!  I am extremely passionate about it and love to support and encourage other mamas in their breastfeeding journey.  Before I started breastfeeding, I assumed it was going to be easy, I mean breastfeeding is a natural thing, right?  Wrong – it isn’t always easy, and it can be met with many different struggles.  For many, nursing in public can be very intimidating.  Some women prefer the modesty and extra coverage when nursing their little one. Without something to cover up with, they won’t even attempt to breastfeed out in public, so they miss out on things.   Well, Udder Covers can offer some help.  
With their Giftset, a mama can wear a stylish nursing cover, 2 pairs of nursing pads, and a coordinating milk band. 

We received the Carson gift set to review. It is beautiful and it feels stylish even for covering up my little man.  

The nursing cover is an apron style cover and is made from 100 % breathable cotton.  The rigid neckline of the cover allows you to maintain eye contact with your sweet little one.   The neckline is adjustable so no matter what your size or babies size is, you can comfortably wear the cover and still see baby.

Our Udder Cover is truly breathable and lightweight.  I don’t wear a cover all the time, but there are times I want one just because.  This is one that I love to wear outside in the summer.  I would sit and watch my nieces or nephews play sports and be able to keep Charlie man covered.  It was nice, especially for keeping his little bald head out of the sun!  He wouldn’t get too hot and I could still keep him from completely flashing everybody.  When he was first born, he had a good latch, but would unlatch multiple times and he needed assistance to get back on.  Quite often, we would end up flashing somebody unless we were wearing our cover.  I love that I can still look at those handsome blue eyes while he is nursing.  It’s so different than Maggie – she fell asleep as soon as she started to nurse, but Charlie stays awake quite often and he just stares at me.  Why?  Because, he thinks I am the most beautiful woman in the world!  Plus, Charlie will be nursing and then just get the biggest milky smile when he pauses, and what mama wants to miss that?  I love that the cover stays in place and isn’t as much of a hassle as just using a blanket.  It’s the perfect length too.  

The nursing pads are made from 5 ply 100 % cotton, protecting your skin from irritation from the moisture.  What surprises me about them is that for having 5 layers of fabric, they are really thin!  They are really absorbent too, although I wasn’t able to test them out by wearing them since I haven’t leaked with either baby.  They are very comfortable when you are wearing them.  I will be giving them to my sister in law now because she is in need of some more breast pads and I have convinced her to use cloth pads – yay!  And you get 2 sets of pads for a great price!  

The milk band nursing bracelet comes in handy, especially during those early days when you are so exhausted that you can’t remember if you ate, let alone what it was!  So having something handy that reminds you which side you nursed on last, how long baby nursed, and what time it was.  I wish that I had this with me in the hospital because they ask all the time, and I can never remember!  The milk bands are coordinating colors with the nursing cover for a stylish look anytime.  Simply flip the wrist band over when you start nursing baby.  If you are feeding during the night and want to remember, the word Right is raised and the word Left is lowered into the band.  Just move the slider to the nearest 5 minute increment and when you flip the band over, you are still able to see how long the last feeding was.  When you begin nursing baby, move the hour slider to the corresponding hour and the minute slider to the corresponding minutes.  

What a great gift for any breastfeeding mama!  A gift they can actually get a lot of use out of.  
Or win a gift set of your choice below. 
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Do you nurse in public?  Were you nervous at first?  Did you hide out to breastfeed, or just not care – after all, baby has to eat! 
*Disclosure:  I received one or more of the above mentioned products for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are 100 % my own and only influenced by my experiences with the company and product.*

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  • I tried nursing in public a few times, but had the unfortunate issue that DD did not like to be covered and I am rather endowed so it was not appropriate to not be covered. So we usually brought a bottle of pumped milk with just in case.

  • Like s85 we don’t have a baby right now. However I think I will probably be spending a lot more time at home/be covered when feeding outside the home is necessary.

  • With my first 2 babies, I was VERY uncomfortable nursing in public – tried using a blanket, but it was almost impossible to keep it where I needed it, and I couldn’t see the baby, baby didn’t like to be covered, . . .
    My 3rd is 4 weeks old now, and I have nursed her in church, on the playground, etc. I have a cover that works fairly well, but it is HOT! So I really need something breathable, and that I can still see her. That’s what I love about the udder covers. Thanks!

  • Nursing in public is normal and natural. I have no problem nursing my 2 year old in public. I am due any day now with baby #2 and will be tandem nursing. I like to have a cover while nursing in front of male family members.

  • I’m a huge advocate of nursing in public. I like to keep a tab open on our video iPod that references breastfeeding laws in Washington state for instances when people imply I’m doing something wrong by feeding my child.

  • Way back when my 20 yr. old was a baby I had a hard time nursing in public. Now with baby #7 it’s no big deal. I don’t even use a cover anymore since I gave my nice one to someone else when I thought we were done, lol!

  • I have no problem with nursing in public but I always cover up. I have noticed that it makes some people uncomfortable but I give a friendly smile and they usually look away.

  • I just gave birth to my 6th baby. Believe it or not I still feel the occasional need to cover up. Usually I don’t. Most of the time people have no idea I’m nursing my baby. I’ve even been asked to see them while they’re nursing.lol. It would be nice to have a nursing cover like this one for those once-in-a-while moments.

  • When I first started breast feeding I was very nervous and uncomfortable nursing in public. Now I will do it any time anywhere. If my little guy is hungry or needs comfort then I will take care of that for him.

  • I often nurse in public and a nursing cover very similar to this great giveaway has been my lifesaver many times! Without it I am very uncomfortable

  • I’ll nurse in public with a cover. I’m too modest to go without. I’d also rather nurse in public than have a screaming hungry baby. I think that would draw more attention than breastfeeding. 🙂

  • The absolute only way I would do it would be with a cover of some sort, but even then I am way too modest to feel comfortable, the whole time I would be worried about the baby knocking off the cover, and I probably still wouldn’t even nurse with a cover in front of men. I know baby needs to eat but I would just try to find a secluded place to do it.

  • With baby #1, I was really intimated. I think I nursed in public once, at the mall, and I went down a deserted area. With baby #2, it is completely different. I’ve nursed while walking around a fair and a zoo, in restaurants, etc. I have my nursing cover and figure she needs to eat too!


  • I “try” using a blanket… never really works out great for me! I don’t actually care too much, but my son is 12– and when I am nursing the baby at one of his baseball or basketball games I always want to try to be as conservative as possible. “tweenage” boys give lots of looks!

  • Being able to nurse anywhere, anytime is part of the draw for nursing to me. No carrying bottles, warming water, mixing, etc. For me, I like the modesty of covering up so I always wear a cover. I love the covers with boning at the top (like the Udder Cover) so I can see my little ones.

  • i nurse in public and dont care what others think! god gave me breasts to feed my baby with and thats what i am using them for! people go nude in public and i cant feed my baby without sirens going off?? its insane! i love breastfeeding and its best for my baby!

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