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I have been trying to find ways to make simple changes in our household to better our world, and hopefully save a little money in the process.  Dryer balls are one way I could save money and help reduce waste. I have heard so much hype about dryer balls, but never had the chance to try them out. Awhile back, I received a set of 4 Wooly Rounds dryer balls from Cyndi and I was super excited to find out what the hype was all about!  

If you haven’t heard of dryer balls –wool dryer balls are balls of felted wool that you use in the clothes dryer to help separate clothes.  The balls bounce around in a constant motion creating more air to circulate around and dry the clothes faster.  The more wool dryer balls you use, the less time it takes to dry a load of laundry.  Wool dryer balls can reduce your drying time up to 25 %.  They are an all natural alternative to dryer sheets because they contain no harmful chemicals or toxins so they are better for your family and the planet too.  
Wooly Rounds – now known as LooHoo wool dryer balls are hand made using 100 % lanolin rich wool.  They are safe, durable, high quality wool and made in the US – Maine to be exact.  Wooly Rounds are about 9 inches in circumference and weigh about 2 ounces. 
Why wool?  Wool will absorb toxins and odors leaving clothes smelling fresher and cleaner.  The wool fibers help absorb static, and the friction of the balls help to naturally soften clothes. PLUS ….they are cloth diaper safe so you can use them to help speed up the drying time on your diapers!!!
Cyndi – creator of Wooly Rounds dryer balls had begun using cloth diapers back in 2009 and soon realized she couldn’t use dryer sheets anymore.  Sad as she was to give them up because they reduced static and had very fragrant smells, she soon realized the negative impact they had.  She was glad to find a better alternative – wool dryer balls.  She purchased some dryer balls to use and while she realized how great they were, she was disappointed in the quality of them and how quickly they unraveled.  Because Cyndi had a creative background, she began experimenting with making her own dryer balls.  She knew she wanted to run her own business and in 2010, she launched LooHoo (Wooly Rounds)


Do they work? Do they soften laundry, leave it smelling cleaner, reduce static and reduce drying time?  Yes – to all!  The Wooly Rounds dryer balls did soften our laundry (compared to not using dryer balls or fabric softener), they did leave our laundry smelling clean, reduced static – a big plus when I am washing baby blankets a lot!  How much did using the Wooly Rounds reduce my drying time?  Without anything, it takes me about 110 minutes to dry my cloth diapers on medium (we have a lot of AIO’s).  Using the set of 3 Wooly Rounds – I know, I received 4, but one of them has vanished, our cloth diapers were dry on medium heat in 80 minutes.  The Wooly Rounds dryer balls reduced our drying time by 27%.


After using the dryer balls for about 3 months, you can tell they aren’t brand new, but they are still in great shape and we do diaper laundry every day, not to mention all of the clothes, sheets, blankets, etc. that we wash.  They are said to last hundreds of loads, and I have no doubt that this is the case!  John loves that they work similar to a fabric softener because he was so annoyed by all of the static when we quit using fabric softener.  I love that they are not full of harsh chemicals that aren’t good for us or for our environment. 
Our biggest problem with these is that they get wrapped up in clothes when I bring them out of the dryer, Maggie gets them, and tries to play fetch with the dog.  Not even a problem, merely entertainment since the dog knows not to touch them. 
Wooly Rounds are available in 3 different packages.  The starter pack of 3, the classic pack of 5, and the optimal pack of 9.  Each package consists of assorted colors of dryer balls in a reusable cloth bag. Plus – you can receive free shipping in the US, or a $5 flat rate to Canada. 


Cyndi is also giving one of you fabulous readers a chance to win a set of 3 Wooly Rounds dryer balls.  Be sure to sign up for emails so you don’t miss out on your chance to win.

What is your best stain remover tip?  

*I received the Wooly Rounds dryer balls for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are 100 % my own and are only influenced by my experience with them.*


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