Fun at the Minnesota Children’s Museum

Last weekend, we loaded up the kids and headed out for a day of fun at the children’s museum.  The kids had a blast and we were all exhausted by the end.  World Works is always a favorite, especially because of all of the water play.


I am pretty sure this is the cutest ice fishing picture ever!!!  What you don’t see is that just minutes before this picture, Charlie smacked the side of his head on a wood railing because he is pretty much the least graceful child ever!  This was the distraction I found.  He kept trying to pull the fish up through the ice.  If another kid wanted to play there and took the seat cover off, he would have them stand up so he could put it back on there.  It was so cute.  Ice Fishing Children's Museum


Maggie had a blast playing in the water and watching the balls flow through the tubes.  One of her favorite parts was the shadow room, but I didn’t take any pictures there.  Maggie water childrens museum


The first room we hit up was {I forget the real name} healthy room.  Full of activities for the kids to be active while a stationary replica copies their movement on the bike or the boat.  There were also lots of food activities.  They could weigh an activity and a food and try to get them to balance.  Maggie loved this computer program where she learned about what foods to eat in a day.  As you can see, Charlie was dying to have a turn.

Maggie and Charlie - healthy food learning


Do you have a children’s museum nearby that your family goes to?  It’s a bit of a drive for us so we don’t go often, but it’s fun when we do.

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