Garage sales rock!

I know I post a few things each summer that I find at garage sales and think are incredibly awesome.  I’m not sure why, but when I find a great deal on something, I kind of feel like I have won the lottery.  Friday was one of those days for me.  I stopped at a few garage sales, and here is what I found.


Garage Sale #1:  Belle dress up dress, shoes, purse and tiara for $1.  This isn’t one of those cheap costumes either, somebody paid a chunk of money for this originally if I had to guess.

Belle dress

Garage Sale #2:  Shoes for Maggie for $0.10 each.  Seriously, dressy shoes for a dime.  She certainly didn’t need more shoes, but she sure had fun trying them on and picking some of them out.


Garage Sale #3:  Chopper trike $3.  I happen to see this in the yard as I pulled up and assumed it belonged to the little boy outside playing, but figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask if it was for sale.  If so, this was definitely coming home with me.  I kept telling myself, I would pay $5 for it, but I really don’t want to spend $5 on it.  She replied, yes, I am going to wash it up and sell it for $3.  SOLD!  The kids have a blast with it.

Chopper Trike

It’s only right that we put it all together, wouldn’t you agree?

Maggie on Chopper Trike


Get your brag on….what is your best garage sale score?


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