Get Organized with Emeals #GetOrganized

Get Organized with Emeals #GetOrganized

I love lists!  It’s true.  It makes me feel organized.  The problem?  I never remember the list.  Since signing up for, I have actually remembered to take my lists to the grocery store with me.  Yay!  
Let me just say, when shopping by myself with a 2 year old and a 7 month old, time is precious.  To be fair, I have probably a 20 minute window with almost a guarantee of happy kids.  Anything longer than that is up in the air.  That’s where my grocery list comes in handy.  Now, I don’t actually make all of the meals on my emeals plan, I wish I could exclude certain foods, then I probably would make them all, but, I don’t like fish or chicken – yes I know, that’s the healthier stuff.  So, I write our our meal plan for the week.  Sunday is grocery time after church and before football.  I also write out everything that we need to get to make our meals.  Plus, I add all of those other random things you need.  
Before my lists, I would just go to the store in town and get what I need.  I did this just about every other day.  What did that do for me?  Cost me time, gas money, more money on groceries because I was going to the local, much more expensive store.  Sometimes, I still go to the local store because they carry my groceries out and it’s much smaller so the trip is faster.  
I love using this printable list for my grocery shopping.  Everything is broken up into sections making it easy to follow and not forget anything.  Even when I would write my list elsewhere, I would end up missing something and have to walk back across the store for it.  Not anymore!  
I hope this list can help you #getorganized!  If you are ready to sign up, use code “newyear” to save 15%! 
Do you use a list when doing your grocery shopping?  Or are you like I was and always forgetting that one or two things that you end up running back for?

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