#GetMoving2013 *MOVbands* Sponsor Spotlight

#GetMoving2013 *MOVbands* Sponsor Spotlight

MOVABLE is on a mission to improve the health and performance of people everywhere.

Michelle Squires, a teacher, mother and fitness advocate became deeply concerned that something needed to be done about the obesity epidemic in this country.  She had an idea – a product {and a movement} that would positively impact people’s health and activity levels.  Voila!!!  MOVABLE! 
MOVband is an activity monitor that looks like a watch.  There are 3 different functions, a watch, a movement counter, and a mileage counter.  It comes with a classic black band, but the monitor is easily interchanged into other color bands that can  be purchased separately.  Added bonus: a light that turns on when you press the button. Simply plug it into the computer using the cable provided and it will charge and sync with your account.  Easy peasy. I was sent a MOVband, and blue and pink extra bands, as well as mileage rewards.

Using MOVchallenge, a social, rewarding activity program, groups of people can inspire and motivate each other to get moving.   You establish a mileage goal, timeframe and reward structure.  Plus, you motivate others in the group and have fun!  There are even mileage rewards you can purchase.  Each color represents a different mileage goal – you can decide what that goal is.  Different colors represent different milestones.

This is a great product for individuals, or for organizations, schools and even families.  Plus, you practically forget you are wearing it….although, there have been many days I forget to wear it….oops!

I love having this.  I am really trying to get more active.  Sometimes, when the kiddos are content and playing, I just blog instead of playing, cleaning, or working out.  I feel like I’m not setting a very good example for my kids.  So now, I wear my MOVband as often as I remember.  I check it often during the day to try and do better than I did the day before.  As it is so far, I only remember to wear it for about half the day, and seem to be getting around the 2 mile mark each day.  Not bad, but I know I can do better!!!  And, I love the large, easy to read display. 

Upon signing up and syncing with the computer, I received an email to join the NEWYOU challenge.  Anybody with a MOVband can join and the goal is to get to 100 miles by the deadline.  Everybody that does will get a chance to win some $$$.  That is motivating me, but I’m not even close yet.  Time to get moving again.  

Plus, I always love companies that give back, and MOVband is no different.  They donate 10% of online sales to like minded charity’s that change monthly.  This month, United Way benefits! 


Your chance to win begins January 17th as part of the #GetMoving2013 Grand Prize package.  Or buy your MOVbands now!

How active are you?  If you tracked your movements, would you be happy with the number you see?  Get Moving!!!
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*Disclosure:  I received the above mentioned products for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are 100% my own and influenced only by my experience with the product and company.  * 


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