Getting Crafty with Green Kids Crafts

Life with a 2 year old and a baby can get hectic at times, and thinking of fun craft ideas to do with Maggie isn’t always easy for my sleep deprived mind, so when Taylor from Green Kid Crafts asked if I would be interested in reviewing one of their monthly subscription boxes, of course I wanted to!  Having a few activities to do without any prep work on my part, was right up my alley!  Plus, it helped us incorporate our efforts to go more green in our lives. 

If you haven’t heard of Green Kid Crafts, it is a monthly subscription where you get a Discovery Box packed full of 3 fun activity kits delivered to your door each month.  Every activity is earth friendly and designed to boost your child’s creativity and confidence, as well as their respect and love for the environment.  Along with the activities included, each box will have a Discover More guide with more craft ideas using things you have around the house, or related reading and other fun facts, all relating to that month’s theme. 

Everything that is included in the craft kits meets certain standards for sustainability and are reusable, recyclable, and/or compostable and sourced from nature.  Every kit is reviewed and tested (by kids) and parent approved so you know it will be fun.  Penny, the mom behind Green Kid Crafts, is a mom of two, and an environmental activist.  Green Kid Crafts is certified carbon neutral by and Green America approved. 

While the kids are designed for children from ages 3-8, we were still able to do the activities with Maggie and she is only 2.  Our Discovery Box theme was Food Adventures and had 4 fun activities, coupons for some free stuff (who doesn’t love that), the discover more guide, and best of all (in Maggie’s mind anyways) a snack.  Each activity is separated into a bag with all of the materials and easy to read instructions.   On the back of each instruction sheet is another activity to do with your kids.  So far, we have only made the tile coaster, but tonight will plant our organic basil garden and sprout garden.  Maggie had a lot of fun making her tile coaster…especially when I walked out of the room to change her brother and she opened the glue on her own….and proceeded to dump it out and start without me.  Her tile coaster still turned out pretty good – see?  She did a great job and had fun! 

The only activity in our Discovery Box that she needed a lot of help with was the fishing game because it involves tracing and cutting which she isn’t so good at just yet.  Once I do that activity for her though, I think she will have lots of fun playing with it.  Plus, once we have completed everything, we still have the box, which of course doubles as a toy to be played with every single day!  
If you are looking for an easier way to get some craft time in without taking time away from your kids to find ideas, check out Green Kid Crafts.  You can teach them about our environment while having lots of fun together.  

 Be sure to check out Green Kid Crafts on Facebook for  more eco friendly craft ideas and a sneak peek at the boxes on their way! 

Enter to win a 6 month subscription to Green Kid Crafts AND $100 to Michaels. 

*Disclosure:  I received the above mentioned product for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are 100% my own and influenced only by my experience with the products and company.*


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