Getting Organized with this DIY Battery Storage Center

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You know how people make New Year’s resolutions to get more organized?  I don’t.  But I do make attempts at getting organized all of the time.  We have too much stuff in general but there are some things we need to have and some things we like to stock up on so that we have it when we need it.  One of those things is batteries.  Just the other day I went to grab new batteries for the remote only to realize that we were out of them.  No good.  Time to hit up the store – again.Keep your batteries organized with a DIY battery storage drawer made from a recycled q-tip box.

You know what happened?  I almost left the store without the batteries.  I probably would have left without them if it weren’t for the battery station near the checkouts at Walmart.

In store batteries

As usual, I stare at them all wondering which batteries I should buy and getting whatever the best price is.  This time as I was scanning the prices, I noticed a new battery – Energizer® EcoAdvanced™.  Energizer® EcoAdvanced™ battery is a breakthrough in creating value for recycled battery materials – which until today had little use or economic value.  Okay, I’ll bite.  We strive to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle by not only recycling but also using recycled products.  This is the first ever product of its kind to use recycled battery material.  I love it – you have to buy batteries anyways, so make it an eco friendly choice.  So I stocked up on some AA and AAA batteries to get all of our toys, electronics and other gadgets up and running again.

Discover the first batteries made from 4% recycled batteries. Put those old batteries to use.When we got home I went to put the stockpile of batteries with the rest of the batteries and the whole basket fell on the floor.  Clearly this was not the most thought out plan but it also gave me a good excuse to get my creative hat on and make something fun to store them in.  I drive John crazy because when we empty containers for some things, I have a tendency to keep them because I’m certain that I can use them for something else because I love reusing things instead of throwing them out.  While I was trying to decide what I was going to do to keep our batteries organized, I walked out into the kitchen and saw one of these random things that I keep.  This time it happened to be a Q-tip box that we had emptied this morning.  It was the perfect size and it was the container with the pull out drawer.

Materials:Battery Storage Box

Reusable container of desired size.  We used an empty q-tip container that had a pull out drawer.

Spare cardboard or other dividers.

Mod Podge

Scrapbook paper.

Decorative ribbon or button.

Hot glue gun


Battery Storage Box WrappedEnd of box wrappedI decided to cover the container with some cute scrapbook paper I have laying around waiting to be used and glued it to the container with some mod podge.  For the drawer I only covered the ends that would be seen when it was closed.Dividers in battery box

Use random pieces of cardboard cut into the sizes you need for dividers.

Battery drawer buttonAdd a decorative button or ribbon to the front of the box using a hot glue gun.

Keep your batteries organized with a DIY battery storage drawer made from a recycled q-tip box.Battery box on shelfTada!  You had fun crafting and it was quick and easy.  Now you have a cute, organized storage area for your batteries.  You can choose paper to match a room or area.  Recycled container, recycled batteries, happy world.

Are you looking for simple ways to lessen your impact on our planet?  I’d love to hear other ways you are accomplishing that without making major lifestyle changes.  Are you ready to pick up some Energizer® EcoAdvanced™ batteries today?