Gift Idea for the Little Crafter + Beados Review #MPMHGG

I absolutely love that Maggie is at an age where she tells me what she likes to do.  It makes finding gifts for her really easy and fun.  There are some things I see and know she will love, so when we had the chance to review the Beados Quick Dry Station, I jumped at it.  This was something I had been debating on getting for her because I was sure she would love it.  We are always looking for quiet time activities to do together in the time between when Charlie goes to sleep and when she lays down for her nap.  This is the perfect gift idea for my little crafter and I know we will have fun with it.


What is the Beados Quick Dry Station?  It is an all in one center where you and your kids can create, spray and dry their Beados creations.  This set comes with everything you need.  With 500 Beados, a scoop pen, design tray, bead pod storage and design cards, you can let your imagination run wild.  With the quick dry station, there is no more glue or heat.


{From Beados} Beados™ is the craft activity by Moose Toys where kids create designs using beads that magically stick together! In three simple steps, kids can create their own Beados worlds with beads that stick together with just a spray of water. Once dry, the beads are fused together and kids can place their designs in the enclosed display stands and use the connectable play pads and scene cards to create a Beados world of their own. Beados is available at mass retailers and is appropriate for age four and up.


Beados is an activity that she will be able to do on her own or with my help.  I love that it is a great mommy and daughter activity, but as she gets older, she will be able to create Beados designs completely on her own.  She was able to manipulate the tweezers with the small Beados without much trouble.  Surprisingly, Charlie was able to do alright with it too and he is 2 1/2 just about.  I had fun making some designs with her.

Beados Beados I wish they stayed together a little better though.  I’m not sure if I used too much or too little water.  The penguin I made stayed together but then started losing beados throughout the day if we touched it.Beados


The quick dry station comes complete with a storage tray that keeps the colors separate.  When we are done, I have been taping the design tray over the top so the beads stay put. I’m a little bit OCD about some things, and there are more beads than there are spaces, so you can’t put out all of the colors in the tray at once.  I wish the design station came with more design cards, but we love the animals that came with it.  Beados


The spray is simple to use and comes with a cover as well.


When you are done spraying your design, set it under the quick dry station for at least 15 minutes.  The fan is very quiet and you almost don’t notice it as you go about your business waiting for it to dry.  Beados

How creative can you be – what will you design with the Beados Quick Dry station?


 Win it!  One lucky reader will win a Beados Prize Pack.  Giveaway ends at 11:59 pm EST on December 17, 2014.  Open to US only.  Good luck!  

Prize: Beados Prize Pack that includes:
  • 6 Beados Theme Refill Packs ($7.99 each)
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  • 1 Beados Quick Dry Station ($19.99)
  • TOTAL MSRP: $111

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