Good eats from Peter Rabbit Organics

Good eats from Peter Rabbit Organics

When my daughter was getting ready to start eating foods, it suddenly struck me how much stuff was added to all of our food.  I knew we had to make a change to eat a little healthier because I only want the best for my little beauty.  I’ll be the first to admit, we don’t always using organic or more natural foods, we eat pizza every week, and love chocolate.  But, we do make efforts to make better choices.  Now that Charlie man is eating foods, I once again began searching for healthier on the go foods for my little ones and myself.  

Peter Rabbit Organics meets my qualifications.  No added salt, no added sugar and nothing artificial.  And of course, it’s organic.  Here are two pictures that kind of put it in perspective for me.
I love when my kids ask for something that is good for them, and that is exactly what happened when Maggie spied the pouches of Peter Rabbit Organics that we received.  She also felt as though she had to share with Charlie, that got a bit messy.  Word of warning, don’t leave the 2 year old in charge of feeding the baby.  I got a bit distracted by something and I look back over and she has set it on the floor and Charlie is smacking it with his hand which resulted in food all over!  Go ahead and laugh, it was pretty funny.  It also gave me a reason to taste it since I had it on my hands – turns out it was really yummy! {Realized as I’m typing this that I didn’t take that picture!}

Peter Rabbit Organics is a small, privately owned company, but they are serious about what they are doing.  Based in Oregon, they use local grown ingredients whenever possible so you can know you are giving your baby only the best.  

Another thing that I REALLY like about these is that they contain more than your traditional foods.  I decided when Charlie started eating not to buy him purees because there wasn’t enough variety.  When I saw that Peter Rabbit Organics blends that contained grapes, spinach, pumpkin and corn, I was very happy.  Foods like spinach and pumpkin aren’t always easy to get young kids to eat but are packed full of goodness.  
Maggie insists on snacks when we leave the house, (well, she insists on snacks non-stop) and I would much rather give her these pouches than the crackers that she is yelling for.  Since she loves these pouches, that’s exactly what I will do.  The fact that they are resealable is pretty nice too.  We have started collecting the twist off caps for a game or activity as well.
If you are looking for a healthy, fun food for your little ones, or even for an on the go snack for you, check out Peter Rabbit Organics.  They carry veggie blends and fruit blends that are sure to make those little tummies happy.  

Buy it:  Get your fruit and veggie purees from Peter Rabbit Organics.  They love to run contests and giveaways over on their Facebook page, so like them now and don’t miss out.
Win it:  One lucky reader is going to win 10 pouches from Peter Rabbit Organics as part of the Eggs in the Basket giveaway hop.  Ends March 9, 2013.


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