Grovia AIO Newborn Cloth Diaper Comparison

When you have been using cloth diapers for the majority of the last 4 1/2 years, you are bound to run into a few diapers here and there that you don’t care for, or that just plain don’t work for you. For us, one of those diapers was the Grovia old style newborn AIO. It seemed like we had a good fit, but Charlie leaked out of it every time he would wear it.  When I was pregnant with Henry, I discovered that Grovia had a new, improved newborn AIO cloth diaper and I knew I wanted to check it out.  After all, who better to review a new style diaper than somebody who wasn’t a fan of the old style, right?  So you can imagine how happy I was when they agreed to send me one of their new diapers to review with baby Henry.

Are Grovia newborn AIO cloth diapers good?

My first thought when it arrived was how different, yet still the same the diaper was.  The new style fits from 5-12+ pounds.  By using the adjustable rise on the front, the diaper not only fits well, but fits longer than many other newborn diapers out there.  While the old style was said to fit the same range, side by side, the new style is a bit larger.

Find an adjustable newborn cloth diaperFind an adjustable newborn cloth diaper I’m glad that it says 12+ pounds because here is Henry wearing it at somewhere around 14 pounds 3 ounces.  It does still fit but the rise is now just really close to being too small so we are packing this beauty away until next time.

Grovia newborn aio

The new Grovia newborn AIO has a partially sewn in soaker made of 3 layers of hemp and cotton topped with micro fleece.  Since my main problem with the old style was the numerous leaks we encountered, I was excited about this change.  We didn’t get any leaks at all using this diaper.  I was thrilled with how absorbent the new diaper is.  Plus, now having the stay dry inner means added comfort for baby.  I do love that the soaker is only partially sewn in.  Although this isn’t a change from the old style, I love how quickly the diaper is able to dry because the soaker isn’t sewn all of the way in.

Are Grovia newborn AIO cloth diapers good?

The biggest change I found between the old and new style is that the new diapers feature a turned and top stitched design.  Since we had plenty of leaks around the legs in the old style, I found this to be an awesome design change – way to go Grovia.  This change gave us such a great fit around the legs.  I did take some comparison pictures from the old style and the new style to share.

Is the Grovia Newborn AIO a good cloth diaperGrovia newborn AIO

I am really impressed with the new and improved Grovia newborn AIO cloth diaper.  It is definitely one I am glad to have in our newborn stash.  From the old version being a diaper I didn’t use unless my others were all dirty to being one of the first in my stash, I love the new improvements.  Thanks Grovia for an adorable diaper that keeps us snuggling leak free.  You can follow Grovia on Facebook for upcoming releases or diapering tips.


Have you used either the old or newer style of the Grovia newborn AIO cloth diaper?  What was your experience?  


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  • The new style looks like it will fit a newborn a bit longer, I’m definitely going to need to put these on my newborn stash list. Thanks for the review!

  • Thank u so much for the review. I was wondering why there are some grovia newborn diapers that had ruffles and some that don’t. I didn’t know they were old & new designs! 😉

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