Happy 2nd Birthday Charlie Bear

I fully realize that sometimes, I really suck at blogging.  It’s been almost 2 months since Charlie’s birthday and I am just getting around to writing about it.


My sweet Charlie Bear,


You are the most affectionate, sweet little boy I have ever known.  My heart just melts every single time you say, “I love you”.  I’m not sure what makes me smile more, when you reply to my whispered I love you with “I love you” or when you keep going back and forth saying “I love you” with special emphasis on the YOU because you know it makes me giggle.  I love how you drop everything to randomly run over and give me sweet little hugs and kisses.  Those little arms of yours wrapping around my neck is one of the best feelings in the entire world.  There are no words to describe just how much I love you and how important you are to me.

Charlie Cake Face

It seems like since your birthday that you have had a complete language boom.  You talk so much and are stringing together sentences.  You are growing out of the phase where all you say is the first syllable of a word.  I love how Maggie will tell you something or read a part of a book and you will try to copy her by emphasizing a few parts, like FALL, HELP.  You tell the same story and it is adorable.  You remember so much from the books we read, which seems to be one of your favorite things to do these days.  I really enjoy reading with you.  You sit reasonably still and pay close attention telling me all about the stories.  When we re-read a book, you tell me all about the parts that you remember, like the girl crying, or the truck getting stuck in the mud.  I listen to you and Maggie have conversations and reply to each other and I can’t do anything but smile.  It’s so sweet and wonderful how good of friends you two are.  I hope you always value your sister and stay good friends with her.


He got ice cream cake on his arm and was very happy to lick it off!
He got ice cream cake on his arm and was very happy to lick it off!

You are still a wild thing, but you are starting to have more control over your actions which is great.  You are identifying your emotions and the emotions of other people.  My favorite part of this may be that you ask me about a bazillion time a day if I am happy.  “Happy?”  “Happy Mama?”  I love that you care about everybody else being happy, it shows what a great heart that you have.


You take great pride in the things that you do.  When you draw a picture or cut some paper, you cannot wait to show it to somebody because you have worked so hard on it.  I love your face when you succeed at something you are trying to do.  Watching you grow and learn is wonderful!


You have all of your teeth, even your two year molars.  Your hair has become so incredibly blond and you are such a handsome little man.  You smile all of the time and people just keep falling in love with your little self.  Keep being a charmer little man, but remember all of your other great qualities too.


I love you so much more than any words could ever show.  While I screw up this mom thing every now and again, I hope we can always be close and talk and snuggle.  My sweet boy, don’t grow up too fast, please!




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