Happy Monday Everybody :)

Manic Mommy Monday!
This week has definitely been better than the last!I take Maggie to a baby class twice a week, but we had our garage sale last weekend and took Monday off just to rest.  It felt so good to just be home!  I made it my mission to get the house really cleaned up before John got home this weekend…..lost cause!  I have never been as tired as I have this last week!  I have a hard time getting all of her toys picked up at the end of the day because I get so dizzy from going up and down.  This pregnancy is taking a lot more out of me than the first one did.  My pelvis hurts so much that I can’t crawl around to pick up all of her toys either, so there they sat most of this week.  I’m pathetic, I know.  I hate not getting things picked up before John gets home.  It’s not that the house was a disaster or anything, but he is a neat freak….I am not!  Since he’s only home every few weeks, I figure I owe it to him to keep it looking nice at least when he is coming home.  For once though, he didn’t freak out about the mess.  He was so understanding!  I think the groaning in discomfort from trying to cross or uncross my legs must have clued him into how I was feeling.  

We had a busy weekend though.  My birthday is coming up this week – Yay!  I love birthdays, especially mine!!!!  On Saturday, we went to the GCDC, then to my birthday party (yes, my family still celebrates everybody’s birthdays, but we have to share our party – mine is with 2 others and I’m the youngest of us 3 :)).  After the party, we had to help the folks pack up, they are retired and moving to Wisconsin next weekend.  Then we had to head towards home to another birthday party.  Sunday was just as busy although I can’t figure out why!  We did go get our maternity pictures done though, and I’m excited to see how they turned out!  

At the GCDC, I got to meet another Mommy blogger friend – so much fun!  Maggie got to how off her new skill of Ring Around The Rosie – it’s hysterical…although she only sings ashes ashes we all fall down….then she just falls down over and over and skips the rest of it.  Cracked us all up though!  

My best friend had her baby and I am so excited to go see her, although it’s a 2 1/2 hour drive and I”m not sure I’m that ambitious!!!

The great news this week – our yard dweller is finally gone!  John had to give him the boot because he was taking the camper with him.  Instead of being grateful for 5 or 6 weeks of having some place to live, he is complaining to everybody how we kicked him out, supposedly with no notice.  I think John is getting the picture, his friends are just going to take advantage of him when he tries to help them out for a short bit.  Now I won’t have to scrub the tub out every night just to give my daughter a bath – yay!!!1  It’s too much work for me to do that.  

Now if only I could find a little energy to do anything….instead, I’m off to take a nap with the munchkin because that’s all the energy I can muster up right now.  Happy Monday 🙂


  • I totally understand your frustrastion with not getting the house clean. I am a very bad housekeeper, but usually 4 out of 7 days I do the dishes and clean the kitchen and usually once a week I will make an effort to pick up all Joslyn’s toys and her room. But since we found out that I was 3 months pregnant I have been suffering with a major sinus infection and have had major nausea also. I can’t even get on my hands and knees without feeling like I am going to pass out. I can’t imagine what it will be like to be as far along as you are. I keep getting told that the house work can wait, and I am really lucky my hubby has understood. I hate for him to come home and have to do the dishes or pick up. But when you are pregnant it is sometimes difficult to do anything. I am glad that your house guest is gone. I wouldn’t want to scrub that tub either.

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