Have a Flip Flop Party and Make This Summer the Best One Yet

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If you have ever gotten to know me in real life, you would know I have a ridiculous love/obsession with flip flops.  I wear them all year long – even in the winter.  Since it’s been a busy kind of summer AND I love throwing a party, I thought it would be fun for us to have a party and invite our friends over.  Since I really love flip flops, I thought it would be the perfect theme.  Once I began planning, I couldn’t wait for the party.

Host the ultimate summer party with these flip flop themed party.  Gather your friends and get your beach on with delicious treat recipes, personalized dog treat jars and a DIY flip flop station.

To get started, I headed out to Walmart to stock up on some of our party favorites like Skittles® , SNICKERS® ice cream bars, M&M’s® Plain which are a staple in our house, Starburst® Mini Unwrapped candy and, a crowd favorite –  Dr Pepper® Cherry .  They also had Dr Pepper® Vanilla Float so I picked some of that up as well thinking it would be perfect for the cupcakes.  You can pick up these products with the money saving coupon at the bottom of the post, and then enter the sweepstakes for daily chances to win.

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Like any good party, I knew the decorations had to be as amazing as the food.  I was so excited to set up the decorations and transform our table into the beach.  I was impressed with how quick and easy the transformation was.  With burlap, fish netting, some sand/rock mix, seashells, starfish and sand dollars – it looked like the beach had washed up on the table.

Check out this site for party ideas for a flip flop party.

The food is always the biggest task for me.  I usually enjoy putting it together, but right now, not so much.  It’s in the mid to high 80’s outside and our air conditioning doesn’t work.  I was dying getting everything ready.  To make it even more comfortable, the baby was crabby because he wasn’t comfortable so he wanted to be held the entire time.  Dying!  Enough whining though, it was time to get cracking.  Here’s a peak at the menu plan:


  • Dr Pepper® Vanilla Float Cupcakes
  • Starburst® Minis Unwrapped flip flop pops
  • Broccoli – Cauliflower Salad
  • Ham, Turkey, Salami and 2 kinds of cheese and bread cut into flip flop shapes
  • Ice Cream Treats – SNICKERS® ice cream bars and M&M’s® Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches
  • Flip Flop Sugar Cookies frosted with M&M’s® along the edges and making the toe lines
  • Berry Bowl with Skittles® Fruit Dip
  • Dr Pepper® Cherry
  • Water
  • Coconut Lime water for the kids


There are tons of recipes out there for Dr Pepper® Cupcakes, I used this one , but instead of making the ice cream topping that she used, I used a butter cream frosting which was delicious.  If you are deciding on a recipe, go for this one.  The chocolate Dr Pepper® glaze she uses is amazing, and when I say amazing, I mean that I ate every last drop left in the bowl it was so good.

Love Dr Pepper?  How about these tasty Dr Pepper Vanilla Float cupcakes recipe.

Love Dr Pepper?  How about these tasty Dr Pepper Vanilla Float cupcakes recipe.Using the Starburst® Minis Unwrapped in the classic flavors, I first sorted them by color.  Then I melted them in the microwave one color at a time.  I did this 10 seconds at a time so I could keep mixing it but it took close to a minute for each color.  I then used one color to put in the flip flop chocolate mold and stuck it in as the piece that goes between your toes.  I used a different color to fill in the rest of the flip flop, filling it partially, placing the pop stick in and then filling it the rest of the way.  You can leave it set on the counter or in the fridge, either way, it doesn’t take too long.  Word of warning – you have to mold it while it is hot, so be careful not to burn your fingers.


I will be the first person to admit my failures.  I am terrible at making sugar cookies and I cannot for the life of me figure out why.  I made the flip flop cookies, but they turned out all crumbly and couldn’t be frosted.  I wanted to make them again but the truth is, I just plain ran out of time.  I will be attempting to make them again sometime and get those pictures up for you.


I used our flip flop cookie cutter to cut the bread, meat and cheese into flip flop shapes for sandwiches.  I then used the flip flop cupcake toppers I originally planned to use on the cupcakes before I remembered I wanted to use some paper straws to give it that float look.  Not only did they look cute, but the kids thought these were the greatest sandwiches ever made.


Since we have tons of fresh picked berries, I wanted to do something fun with them.  I thought  a Skittles® fruit dip would be fun and easy.  First, sort the Skittles® by color.  Then, one color at a time, grind them in a food processor.  I found that this part took awhile longer than I thought it would, but ultimately, not a lot of time.  Once I had ground all of the colors, I mixed some of them into the fruit dip we made with yogurt and cool whip.  Then I added different spots of each color of ground Skittles® to the top.  It looked really pretty and  tasted great with fresh strawberries and blueberries.

Take your fruit dip up a notch with this Skittles fruit dip recipe.

I love ice cream, but have always found that serving it outside at parties can be difficult because it melts before you can eat it.  This time, I made an ice bowl by taking 2 bowls that can next inside each other.  I added some water and fresh berries to the large bowl and then setting the next bowl inside of it on top of the water.  You can add as much water as you want as long as it stays in the large bowl when you add in the second bowl.  Stick it in the freezer until solid.  To remove it, run warm water on the outside of the large bowl, not on the ice itself  Now you have an ice bowl to place your frozen SNICKERS® Ice Cream Bars and M&M’s® Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches for your guests to enjoy.

Looking to beat the heat?  How about some SNICKERS Ice Cream Bars and M&M's Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches.

I loved setting up a beverage station on one of the trays we picked up.  That color – that is one of my favorites.  We had ice water complete with berry flip flop ice cubes if they wanted to use them, a blue coconut water for the kids, Dr Pepper® Cherry, and Dr Pepper® Vanilla Float.  I love using mason jars because you can dress them up for any occasion with just a colorful straw.


For party favors we had a design a flip flop station.  Walmart had flip flops for $.98 each and I picked up a bunch of coordinating colors of ribbon.  I sorted the ribbon into jars by color and everybody could design their own flip flop party favors.  We all had so much fun making ours.  Charlie never wears shoes and he even kept his on the rest of the day.  See – life really is better with flip flops.  I had meant to pick up some big flowers and gems for the flip flops too, but I forgot about them until the party started.

Make your flip flop summer party a hit with this DIY Flip flop stationI love the sign and it took just seconds to make.  I took an old frame from around the house and spray painted it pink.  I printed out the picture, trimmed it to fit and bam – awesome sign that is now on my craft desk.  {You can print it out free below}.
Stephanie with flip flop bucketI also decided to include the dogs again since it was so much fun at our picnic party.   After finally buying myself a Silhouette, I was itching to do some creating.  Gearing up for the party I thought it would be fun to make personalized dog treat containers for our friends to take home to their pets filled with one of our dogs favorite treats – Pedigree Dentastix® .

DIY personalized dog treat jars with etched glass.  A quick and easy 10 minute craft.
Looking for a dog treat that your pups are sure to love?  Try the Pedigree Dentastix
I had never made any etched glass creations before and was unsure what to expect.  I was surprised by how simple and quick these were to make. First, gather your materials.

  • Etching cream
  • Glass jars { I had to go back to the store because I mistakenly bought plastic ones}
  • Washcloth and water
  • Plastic gloves
  • Q-tips or something similar
  • Vinyl printed design
  • Transfer paper or tape
  • Pedigree Dentastix®

Once you have the design that you want printed on vinyl, you will peel away the vinyl backing of the design you want etched, leaving the rest of it in place.  It will essentially leave a void where your design is.

Paw Print VinylPaw Print OutlineNow, peel the backing off the transfer paper and stick it to the vinyl design.

Paw Print Transfer paper

Peel the rest of the vinyl away making sure all pieces that surround your design stay put {like the centers of letters}.Paw Print Vinyl Transfer

Be sure your glass jar is clean and dry.  Place the transfer paper with the design against the glass and rub out any bubbles.  Once it is firmly in place, remove the transfer paper leaving only the design on the glass.

Transfer to Glass

Apply a thick layer of etching cream to the voided areas of the design.  Wait 30-60 seconds.

Etching Cream

Using q-tips or toilet paper or paper towel, remove etching cream and place back in etching cream container.


Peel off design.

Clear off etching cream

Using water and a wash cloth, wash over the entire area revealing your newly etched glass design.  Tada!  Now fill with your favorite dog treats like the Pedigree Dentastix® Original Flavor or Pedigreen Dentastix® Beef Flavor.

Show your pup some love with these DIY Personalized Dog Treat Jars

These make great gifts and even better party favors for your friends fur babies.


We all had so much fun at the flip flop summer party.  It was a nice, toasty hot day out and we couldn’t wait to cool down with some ice cream treats.

Flip Flop Party Fun

Are you ready for some flip flop fun this summer?  Head on over here for some money saving coupons to get this party started and let me know what you will create to make this the most memorable summer yet.  


Below you can get these FREE printables to have your very own flip flop summer party.

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