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Bullying can take many forms.  I remember, my nephew had these character shoes in 3rd grade, or maybe it was a year or two earlier.  Brand spanking new, he put them on for the first day of school.  He came home and told his mom to throw them in the trash.  Some kids teased him about them and he would never wear them again.  It was a shame that something he was excited about and liked changed just like that because of what those kids said.  In the grand scheme of things, I suppose this is a pretty mild form of bullying, but to that sweet little boy, it changed a lot.

I can not really remember being bullied growing up.  Either because I just plain never noticed, or I have just forgotten.  For me, the closest thing I remember was when my parents were getting divorced.  My dad dropped us off at school, and hugged us.  I almost told him not to because I figured we would get teased.  The fact was, I did, immediately.  A “friend” Nikki was teasing me.  I told her to shut her face or something equally as eloquent, that they were divorcing and I wouldn’t see him for a few days.  She hugged me and said she was sorry.  That was really about all I remember.

Call me lucky, but not everybody is that lucky.  Many people are bullied and it changes their future.  I want to help put a stop to bullying now – and hope neither of my children has to deal with being bullied.

Take the pledge to stop bullying now!  Sign the petition and help spread the word.  They want to get 5,000 signatures – let’s help them pass that number up and bring about awareness and stop bullying now.

Have you ever been bullied?  Share your story here, on Facebook, or send me a personal message and let me share your story for you. 

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