Here, hold my sippy

Here, hold my sippy

Every kid seems to have something they are attached to.  A blanket, doll, lovie, or, in our case, her sippy cup.  

Maggie loves her sippy cup.  It is definitely a comfort object for her.  She is only allowed to have water in it, and generally has her regular cup on the table for her.  But she loves her sippy cup.  If we leave, she will keep asking me to be sure we have it with.  When she goes to sleep, she says over and over, I need my cup, I need my cup.  As soon as she wakes up, the same thing.  She really loves her sippy cups!  Not any particular one, just has to have one.  Even if it isn’t hers.  Her friends come over for a play date, and she immediately goes for their sippy cup too.   
This week’s Tuesdays Toddler Tales topic is your child’s must have item.  Come join Karine from SAHM of Drama Queens and a Prince and I each week as we link up our toddler posts.  No rules, but be sure to link up a relevant post, whether it is old or new, rather than your blog homepage. Next week’s topic – What’s in your diaper bag? 


 Does your child have something they have to have for comfort? 


  • My daughter’s must have item is her stuffed monkey. I totally forgot about the link up this week. I will link up next week! I wanted to let you know, if you are interested, that the second Thursday of each month (which is this Thursday), I have a link up called Throwback Thursday. You can write about or share pictures of anything, just throw it back! 🙂

  • My little ones comfort object is his blankie I have a hard time washing it because he won’t give it up long He won’t sleep without it and it goes every where he goes He reminds me of Linus with his blanket.

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