#HJJubilee12 Allison Barnes Collection *Review*

In our efforts to be a little more “green” we have discovered upcycling.  One of the shops we ran across was Allison Barnes Collection and she offered to let us review an upcycled necktie clutch purse.  I was really excited because if any of you have toddlers – and if they are anything like my daughter – they love to put things in things. Allison was really awesome and let us choose which print we wanted.  I said – anything with animals will be perfect.  Well, she sent us a Tigger upcycled tie clutch and Maggie loves it!  

Her shop consists of many premade items as well as ties and sweaters awaiting their turn at being made into something awesome!  Some of the things you can find in her shop are wool diaper covers, mosaics, necktie clutches and now, crochet items.  She makes all of this using upcycled materials whenever possible, including wool sweaters, vintage neckties, buttons, fabrics and yard.  Allison went from being an environmental scientist at a large consulting firm to being a stay at home mom.  She began with designing mosaic artwork and selling it on etsy.  Then she tried her hand at making wool diaper covers.  Now, you can even get crocheted beanie hats to match your wool diaper covers.  Making clutches out of mens neckties are the newest additions to the Allison Barnes Collection.  You can even send her a necktie with special meaning, and she can make it into a clutch for you!  

So what does Maggie think of my her clutch purse? 

I’d say she loves it!  As soon as it arrived, she began putting her little toys in and carrying them around with her.  Allison also asked me if I wanted a strap and button on it for her and I said yes.  I like that she checked on those two things because she knew it was for Maggie and they could both be a hazard to her.  The clutch is adorable!  She even made a velcro pocket on the inside of the purse. 

I love how stylish the clutch is.  Maggie can use it to play, or I can use it if I am ever not carrying around a diaper bag!  For now, the clutch gets used for Maggie’s toys and sometimes, she even uses it as a diaper bag for her baby dolls. She’s such a little me! 

I know that Allison took extra care when sewing on the button knowing that a toddler was going to be playing with it, but alas, Maggie has managed to yank it off anyways.  It was on there really good, I checked when it arrived, but all of Maggie’s pulling has made it come off.  Not a big deal for us though since she didn’t actually use it as a button.  I do like how nice the button color looked on the clutch though.

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*Disclosure:  I received the above mentioned product for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are 100 % my own and influenced only by my experience with the product and company.*


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