Homeschool Complete : A Unit Study Curriculum Review

I remember when I first decided to homeschool. It occurred to me that I was already doing unit studies with them as toddlers and preschoolers because it was fun. It seemed to really bring it all together as we learned about a certain topic. Now, if we start learning about something, I always add in a few things that go along with it to make it really sink in that the topic is about more than just a book – it’s relevant to our world.

With Homeschool Complete, you will get a curriculum that covers

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Fine Arts
  • Physical Development and Fitness
  • Character Development and Bible

all while encompassing a topic or unit. Units take one to three weeks to complete. Each unit is laid out with easy to follow instructions for each lesson including materials, literature, and any included worksheets. There is also a daily calendar routine with different skills to work on as well as time to say the Pledge of Allegiance, the Pledge to the Christian Flag and the Pledge to the Bible. A daily journal prompt is also included in each lesson. The lesson plan is laid out in the beginning with a list of materials needed for every lesson in the unit, literature included and extra reading materials you can add in. At the beginning of the unit, there is a sheet with the unit literature that includes all of the books for this unit.

It is further broken down into individual lessons. Each lesson is clearly laid out with a section for skills, materials, calendar, language arts / social studies, math, art, etc.. If you follow this step by step, you will cover the entire day’s lesson with no hassle.

While there is not much prep work for this, I do suggest taking a little time to print and cut out the letter sounds, etc. that are included with that unit prior to beginning the unit. I want to share with you how I lay out the entire unit plan to make it really simple for me to pick up and get started each day. Prior to starting the unit, after printing and cutting everything and picking up our books from the library, I went through the unit lesson by lesson. I put all the materials for each lesson under that lesson page and then the books for that day’s lesson at the back of each lesson. When it was time to get started, I simply grabbed from the top down to the book{s} and sat down for some fun learning time with the kids.

We have been working on the Northeast States unit for 2-3 grade but we also received the digital copies of Johnny Appleseed and Colonies. The lessons we received all include a paragraph or two about that day’s lesson that your child can read aloud. After reading, there are some reading comprehension questions. I love that it encourages {and is written in each lesson to do so} your child to answer the question in a full sentence instead of a one or two-word answer.

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Now – if you read my site, you know how much I love books and how we are a very book happy family, so I love that there are plenty of quality stories to go along with the unit. The one thing I did run into was that I was not able to get about five of the eighteen books on the list. I did substitute for some books we had around the house or could get from the library. Can we talk about the books a little more though – I absolutely love the books included on the list. There are some that immediately went into my Amazon cart for purchase because I know we will read them again and again.

The printables for each unit has directions for the game or activity clearly labeled on the page. When it comes to language arts – I seldom find something that we enjoy. Something that is simple enough yet continuously introduces new concepts. I really like that about the language arts in the Homeschool Complete unit studies. One day we are introducing pronouns, the next lesson may be about root words, etc..

Another thing I really want to mention about the Northeast States unit study is that as you learn about each state, you also learn things like the capital, the state bird or flower, abbreviation, etc.. As it tells you the capital, it gives kids a visual on how to remember the capital for that state and paints a picture for your children that they can then draw to help them remember it. They are funny, silly visuals that are sure to make you giggle together as you work on it.

If you are a homeschool mom who likes to keep things digital – at the end of every unit you will see a page that says student workbook pages. Instead of printing all of the pages, you can print those for your student or just print them that way to keep them all together in a binder for your child.

Overall, we are enjoying the unit studies that we received. While my darling daughter may grumble when it’s time to do her work, as soon as I pull out the stories for the day, she is all smiles. The books really encourage you to think about the time in which they were written and what life must be like in that state. You can read about some more of the unit studies and what different families think of them by clicking the image below.

Homeschool Complete K - 4th Grade & Unit Studies {Homeschool Complete Reviews}
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