Over the last few days, I saw so many of those Facebook posts where you choose one word to represent your new year.  I’ve never given much thought to it but this year, I have one.  One word – HOPE.

I never dreamed that I’d wake up and be a single mom but that’s the turn my life has taken.  Ultimately, this is absolutely what is best for the kids and I but with that come many difficult choices.  As we begin 2018, I am struggling with how to go from a stay at home mom to ultimately, being their provider.  I go from having hobbies that I make money at to turning those hobbies into income to provide for us.  This year will be full of so many changes for us.  As we move through January, I hold hope for a great 2018.

If you see me – I’ll be the girl filled with hope for this new adventure.

 What is your word for 2018?

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