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When Maggie was born, I had never even thought about cloth diapers.  It never occurred to me.  In fact, our 3rd baby shower, John told them, we have pretty much everything, just tell people diapers.  {Seriously wishing I had known about cloth diapers for this one!}  Are you dying to hear what made us switch?
Well, Julie over at My Cloth Diaper Stash had a great idea….start a cloth diapering blog hop.  What a great way to get more information about cloth diapers out there.  Each week will be a different topic.  This weeks topic is how and why we started using cloth diapers.

I actually remember the very moment that the idea struck me. I don’t know where the idea came from, but I called up John and asked him what he thought.  I’m pretty sure he thought I was nuts!  Guess what, so did everybody else!  I sat in my rocker nursing Maggie and then began researching.  Do you know how much information comes up when you google “cloth diapers” ?  I was a bit scared.  I stumbled across Kelly’s Closet (you aren’t surprised are you?).  I was shocked by how much they cost.  It seemed like a lot to get started.  I called up John again who said, just do whatever, quit asking me questions.  Okay, I will decide myself.  But seriously, there are so many choices!!!  I picked a few diapers, scribbled notes and then looked for a better price.  Guess what, they are the same everywhere pretty much.  Back to Kelly’s Closet I went, that FREE diaper coupon suckered me in!  Then, not only did I have to choose diapers, then I had to choose sized or one sized, velcro or snaps….

I figured since I was home with Maggie except when we went out showing houses that it would save us money and I love doing laundry, so that didn’t seem like a big deal.  

My first order was in March of 2011, Maggie was 5 months old when I decided her little tush needed something a bit more comfy.  I ordered:  Bum Genius OS, Knickernappies OS, Fuzzibunz OS, Rockin’ Green detergent, and of course the free diaper.

I was so excited when they arrived!  In case you are wondering, the Fuzzibunz in Crushed Berries was her first ever cloth diaper.  I was hooked before she ever had it on her.  And the obsession started….

Next weeks topic:  My favorite cloth diapers and why.

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If you use cloth diapers, what made you start?  If you don’t, is something holding you back?

Be sure to check out these other great tales of how and why my blogging buddies got started with cloth diapers.

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