Give Your Baby a Greener, More Eco-Friendly Start

Give Your Baby a Greener, More Eco-Friendly Start

When I started writing my blog, I was a mom to one little girl.  We were and still are a breastfeeding, co-sleeping, cloth diapering, baby wearing family.  As a family, we already do a lot of “green” eco-friendly things that are part of our daily habits.  We strive to make choices in our day to day life that help our environment and our family.  As the years have past, we had a few more babies and as I write, the baby is nursing right now.  I sit here gazing at his gorgeous little face, I know the changes we are making are the right ones.  Over the years, I have tried to eliminate more and more chemicals from our life.  If you find yourself reading this, shaking your head because you feel the same way, read on.  Here are a few ways to give your baby a better, greener life right from the start.


Looking for more eco-friendly ways to live with a new baby? Check out this list.Cloth diaper

Think of just how often that sweet baby will need to be changed from birth until whenever it is he starts using the potty.  Take it a step further with elimination communication.  If cloth diapers aren’t something you are willing to do, there are more natural disposable diaper options.


Clean green

Your baby may only be little for a short while, they do a lot of floor time.  Make sure they are safe with natural cleaning products or a steam mop.


Use all natural bath products and lotions

I’ve reviewed a few different products and I love knowing I’m using chemical free products on my babies.

Eco-friendly, natural baby teething toys

Rethink your toys

There are actually a few different companies out there with more natural baby toys.  Since everything goes into their mouth, this is a pretty big deal.  I especially love some of the wood teethers.  They are great for baby to hold onto and bite on.

Eco-friendly baby products including bamboo swaddle blankets

Opt for eco-friendly baby products

Especially when you have a baby in the winter, you want to keep your baby dressed warmly and covered up.  There are multiple companies now where you can purchase organic cotton baby clothing or bamboo baby blankets and sheets.  My personal favorite company that I truly love to support is Cariloha.  I’ve had the opportunity to review a few different products from Cariloha and I love them all.  I couldn’t wait for Henry’s baby products to review.  When we received our bamboo plush blanket, I was in love with it.  I really wanted one for myself because it is so incredibly soft!!!!!  One of my very favorite gifts to give for new babies is a set of swaddle blankets.  I fell in love with them years ago and never used a receiving blanket again.  The bamboo swaddle blankets are perfect sized to swaddle your new love bug in.  They are also perfect for any weather.  They make great sun shields, nursing covers or just blankets.  My five and three year old both love using these bamboo swaddle blankets still.  In sets of three coordinating colors, they really are a gift that every mom and baby will love.

Eco-friendly baby products

It doesn’t have to stop with blankets though.  Your baby will sleep….a lot.  Or hopefully they do anyways, right?  These bamboo crib sheets are the perfect way to give your baby a comfortable, safe place to sleep.  Now, in all honesty, our crib is probably one of the least used baby items we own.  I have used it more converted into a toddler bed than I ever did as a crib so our crib sheets get a good workout.  Our babies have all been fully potty trained by about 1 1/2 years old, even at night so there are enough times when the bed gets peed on at night so I like to have a stash of sheets just in case.

Henry sleeping

What are some of the ways you get baby off to a greener start to living a more eco-friendly lifestyle?


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