How to Line Up Your HTV Straight Every Time

Have you recently started making shirts with vinyl designs on them but struggling to get them placed correctly? I wanted to share with you my very simple tips to line up your HTV straight every time.

The first thing I do before putting my design on is give the shirt a quick press for a few seconds to get out any wrinkles. Once I have done that, I fold the shirt in half side to side and press for just 3 seconds or so.

Then I fold it from the bottom by bringing the bottom up and stopping once the folded part is at the armpit. Then I fold it back down and press again for just a few seconds.

Then I unfold it and lay it on the press for the design. You will see when you unfold it that there are fresh, straight press lines.

Now – in this example, I put nine different phrases on the shirt and had to line them up one at a time. I folded each of the phrases in half with the non-sticky side together and pressed the center together. Unfold it.

I started with the center phrase among the nine to get it all in line. I placed this on the armpit line; lining up the phrase center to the center press line on the shirt and using the side to side press line to get it straight.

I repeated this with the rest of the phrases, always lining them up with the center press line. As you can see – the design came out straight on every one of them. I made 13 of these shirts for a group.

This is my quick tip to line up your HTV the right way every time. Do you have some other tips for making shirts that I should know about? I’d love for you to leave a comment and let me know.  You can see more of my work on my Facebook page.  Happy shirt-making!

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