How we named our daughter – Toddle Along Tuesday

We did not find out what we were having, so we had the fun of picking a boy name and a girl name.   We were constantly thinking of and calling or texting each other with names we thought of.  Most of them immediately got a NO from one of us.  We knew that if we had a girl, her name would be Maggie Elizabeth, after my grandma.  My birthday was the day after my grandma’s and I always figured I was her present 🙂  We lived next door to her for many many years and her and I were always so close.  When she passed away, I sat by her bedside most of the time for the days leading up to it, and vowed then and there that if and when I had a daughter, I would be so honored to name her Maggie.  John agreed pretty quickly when he realized why the name meant so much to me.  I also checked with my family to be sure everybody would be okay with it, and they loved it!

If we had a boy, we were having more trouble with names.  I tend to think girls names are cuter and more fun to think up, but we also wanted names that weren’t super common but nothing really crazy either.  The first name we came up with was Charlie.  When we sat and thought about it, it was kind of funny….my grandpa whom I never met, but was married to my grandma Maggie was named Charles.  Then I thought of the name Logan, I really like that name.  John really liked the name  Riley.  So we had 3 names that we eventually narrowed it down to.  We would bounce from one to the other all of the time, so we were sure that we were having a boy since we couldn’t make up our minds! 

My favorite girls name was Abby, but the folks’ dog is named Abby, so that won’t work, she will be around for awhile.  I loved the name Brandon, but that’s John’s best friend’s name.  So many strumbling blocks. 

Turns out, we had a girl and what a beautiful little Maggie she is 🙂  Every time that I look at her, I remember my grandma, or we watch her and say how much Grandma Maggie would have loved her! 

Now, we are pregnant with baby #2.  Oddly enough, we haven’t discussed names nearly as much this time around.  Most likely if we have a boy, he will be Charlie Johnathan.  If it’s a girl, possibly Natalie, that seems to be our favorite right now.  I love the name Libby, but John is vetoing that one most days.  That’s okay though, we have a Libby in our baby group, but haven’t met or heard of a Natalie in quite awhile.  We will see in June what we come up with 🙂 

How did you name your child (ren) or what names do you love?  Link up and share your ideas.  



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