I have a confession….

I have a confession….

Little Charlie man is a great sleeper at night.  Some nights he pretty much sleeps through the night, most nights he will maybe wake up once.  I generally wake up and have to pump.  Now for my confession……I could put him in the bassinet right next to my bed, but instead, as I go to bed, I put him in bed with me.  I’m glad he’s a good sleeper, but I still want all of that cuddle time.  

Maggie never slept!  She nursed a ton throughout the night and that’s why she slept with us.  I love the snuggles and want to make sure I get that with Charlie man too.  Now I have two kids in my bed most of the night.  I am pretty sure this is a parenting fail on my part, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!  
Do your kids sleep in bed with you?  In their crib?  Some other sleeping arrangement?


  • My son is seven months and has slept in bed with us since he was 2 weeks old! I don’t think there is anything wrong with it as long as it’s done safely, no pillows, loose blankets, etc. It’s definitely sweet to get that extra cuddle time! Makes night time nursing easier too! And man, am I jealous of your (adorable!) good sleeper!

  • My little man’s name is Charlie too!! He is 6 months old. And we also cosleep/bed share in our king size bed. We did the same with our son Jackson as well. Jackson was in our room full time until he was 4. Now he is in his room some nights and others with us. We love our snuggle time and are so glad we decided to cosleep. Before Jackson I swore I would never…but lots of things changed once he was here!

    • That is my advice to any pregnant mom…one I keep to myself though. I want to tell them…whatever you believe you will do as a parent, throw it out the window and figure it out when that baby gets here. Before having our daughter, I never planned to have my kids sleep in bed with me, or nap with me or be rocked to bed, or breastfeed past one year.

      You can’t get that snuggle time back and they are only little for a short while. I am so glad John has come around to like it. He was very against it in the beginning. Both of your boys have cute names :)That’s the first Charlie I have “met” / heard of besides our little guy.

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