I was told it was peaceful!

My birth story isn’t as perfect as I had hoped, but it was close.  To be completely honest, there is only one thing I would change.  I’m not going to go into the entire story because I want to post more about that around the time baby #2 arrives, but there are some thoughts I am willing to share right now.

I haven’t figured out what the true length of labor is.  Nobody has seemed to have had an answer for me about this.  My contractions started at 2 am on Friday morning and I delivered her at 9:49 am Saturday morning, but I only pushed for about 40 minutes.  My cousin and aunt were in the room with me (as well as John), and at one point during the delivery, my cousin, who has had 3 kids of her own with no drugs, said…wow, this is really peaceful!  I actually cracked jokes throughout the delivery.

The one thing I wish was different is that I ended up getting an epidural.  I said all through the pregnancy I didn’t want any drugs.  Period.  None.  At about 4:30 in the morning, my back labor was so bad I said screw it!  Give me the epidural.  Now, that was my choice, but it would have been nice to know that I was dilated to a 9 when they gave it to me.   I would have been able to tough it out a bit longer.  They said that if I hadn’t gotten the epidural, I probably would have delivered at 7 am.  They turned off the drip almost as soon as they got it in, or something like that anyways.  So, the drugs wore off really quick, but I still feel disappointed in myself 17 months later.

I wish I had had the support from somebody who knew how to help with the back labor so I could better handle the pain from it.  I hadn’t really read or heard anything about it, so I didn’t know what to do about it.  It was hideous!

We have considered a doula / midwife for this baby, but haven’t found out yet if they count as the people that can be in the hospital room when I deliver because there is a limit of 2 plus dad.  John hates to see my pain so I would love to have somebody stand up and tell me no if I am in the same situation this time around.  Ultimately, I would love to have a home birth, but we are quite a ways from the nearest hospital in case something goes wrong, so John has vetoed that idea.  I am planning to look into birth centers nearby, but I am going to need to do that soon.  I only have until the end of June!

I definitely have more confidence in myself this time around to make the decisions I want to make.  In fact, I can’t wait for this delivery date to come, although I love to be pregnant 🙂  I absolutely cherish that moment when I get to find out if I have been growing a baby boy or baby girl.  I was lucky enough to only have 1 stitch first time around, so hopefully things go equally as well.  My delivery was fantastic with my daughter.

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  • Great post and congrats on your second! I don’t envy the pain of labor at all. I was somewhat dissappointed about having to have a c-section until I had it and I was so glad I did.My baby at 40 plus weeks had not even dropped. She was planning on staying in there forever. No pain at all, walked in had a pleasant experience and 1 hour later I had a baby. None of that labor stuff. And the recovery time was so easy for me. I was up moving around the same day and home in 2 days. I hope your second labor turns out the way you would like. Are you having a boy or girl?

    • Thank you, I hope it goes as well also. We don’t know. We didn’t find out with our daughter and wouldn’t trade having that single moment in time again for anything! We did get a picture with the gender in a sealed envelope that we could care less about, but it drives everybody else even crazier! We love not knowing, adds to our excitement.

      Both my sisters kids were like that, didn’t seem to want to ever come out, she was 2 weeks overdue both times.

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