I’m dreaming of a Merry Fluffy Christmas #FluffyXmas

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Welcome to the greatly anticipated 4th annual Merry Fluffy Christmas Giveaway Event!! There are 56 blogs that are giving away cloth diapering prize packages $50+! Make sure you enter here and then hop to all the others!! There are thousands in fluffy prizes to be won! This year, there are also two HUGE Grand Prize packages, on both of the host blogs, And Then There Were 5 and Mommy’s Favorite Things! So make sure you enter to win those as well! Good luck!


My Giveaway


Merry Fluffy Christmas #FluffXmasOne lucky reader will win a cloth diaper and wet bag from Funky Fluff AND a hybrid fitted cloth diaper from PoopsieDoodles.

37 thoughts on “I’m dreaming of a Merry Fluffy Christmas #FluffyXmas

  1. Santa, please bring me a One Size Bamboo AI2 Cloth Diaper Fruit Salad Ruffle from Poopsiedoodle! My daughter has never had a ruffle butt before! (And the ruffles on the back are red and green…aren’t those your colours anyway, Santa?) 😉

  2. I’d love to enter your giveaway – how do I? No form is showing up for me…I’ve tried in Firefox and in IE, and both are the same. What am I missing?

    • Weird. No idea what happened to it. People had entered so I know it was showing up. I have it fixed now though, so it works. Sorry, and thank you for letting me know.

  3. I would love for Santa to leave the One Size Bamboo Fitted Hybrid Cloth Diaper Mermaids from Poopsiedoodles under my tree!! 🙂

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  5. from poopsiedoodles i’d love santa to bring me one size bamboo AI2 cloth diaper fruit salad ruffle. what a unique diaper I love it!!

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  8. I’d love to fin that One Size Bamboo AI2 Cloth Diaper Fruit Salad Ruffle under my tree! I love that the ruffle snaps on and off too – that makes it practical as well as unbelievably cute!

  9. I went and checked out PoopsieDoodles and though I couldn’t pick just one diaper I was digging the scrap wipes set they have. Very cute.

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