Imaginary Friends

I’ve never been very good at playing pretend.  I am creative, but just struggle with make believe.  Maggie, however, doesn’t have any troubles with that.  She lives in this amazing, fun, adventurous world where make believe shows up.  You will always find Maggie spinning, dancing, and living a princess life.  She is ALWAYS a princess.  She dresses the part, acts the part, and I think I have as much as she does with this.

Maggie dancing with birthday cake

I remember one day last summer.  We were outside playing when suddenly she falls and starts crying.  Only not real tears, pretend tears.  When I asked her what was wrong, this was her response:

Elsa struck me with her powers.


This is our life people!  Elsa has moved in with us.  So has Anna.  And about 5 other friends, names that I either don’t know, or can’t pronounce.  They go everywhere with us, but she always leaves them in the car.  Throughout the day, I will hear her calling for me.  Only, not really me.  Her and her friends are playing and they are calling for one of their mommies, just not me.  I love listening to the adventures they go on and hearing the stories she spins.  I absolutely adore her creative little mind and just wait to find out where the next adventure takes us.  Charlie is even starting to get into it now.  He was playing the other day, and stopped to tell me Anna helped him out.


If you are wondering, Elsa is extremely mean at our house.  She is always pushing them down or pulling their leg.  Sometimes, she won’t even let Maggie get up to do whatever it is I have asked her to do.  


I’m not exactly sure how many imaginary friends she has, but they are all pretty important to her.  I’m curious, do your little ones have imaginary friends?

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  • […] If you know us personally, or maybe you have been reading along for awhile, then you already know that Maggie is a princess.  She is all princess, all the time.  She may quite possibly own every princess dress out there with the exclusion of Ariel, and I’m still not sure how she doesn’t have that one?!  She spends the vast majority of her day in some sort of princess getup while singing and dancing all around.  The Disney princesses are a very lively part of our days and she has such a great imagination. […]

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