Improve Indoor Air Quality with the Venta Airwasher

Charlie seems to always have a little bit of a cough.  It seems like it never goes away, even though he isn’t sick.  There are many nights that he starts coughing and it wakes him up.  Since he isn’t sick constantly, it had me wondering what we could do to shake the cough out of him.


We’ve lived in our house for just over five years now and haven’t had the vents cleaned.  Before us, the house spent at least three years vacant and who knows what was going on before that.  I just know they are gross and in need of a cleaning and since my attempts at hiring somebody last year didn’t work out, it hasn’t been done yet.  We live in what I like to refer to as a sandpit.  We can’t grow real grass and everybody tracks in so much sand and the dog certainly doesn’t help that at all.  When I had the opportunity to review the Venta Airwasher, I knew this would be perfect for us.

Vent Airwasher and Humidifier cleans and purifies the air.

Not only is the Venta a humidifier which is great for helping to control the humidity in our house, but it is also an air washer.  It works by using a patented disk stack system, drawing air into the unit and pushing it through sheets of water.  Doing that washes dirt and dust out of the air and leaving nothing but clean, purified and humidified air.  Now, remember how I said I know our vents are gross so obviously it is transferring into our air? I can actually see it.  When the water level is too low for the Venta Airwasher to work, there is still a layer of water in the bottom and it is quite dirty.  I know our indoor air quality is improving, at least in the kids’ room where we have it.  I’d love to have one large enough to work on our main level.

Venta Airwasher

Using the air washer is easy.  Fill it to the clearly labeled water line.  You can add in water conditioner {a few small samples came with ours}.  Add in the fan, replace the cover.  Plug it in and place it about 18″ from the wall.  Press the button on top and know your air will be cleaner.  Now, you may have to go check to make sure it is actually on because it is very quiet.  Like, whisper quiet.  I cannot even hear it running in the kids’ bedroom.

Venta Airwasher in use

The other thing I really love is that you can use it to diffuse essential oils in the room.  Venta recommends only using their brand of essential oils.  This means you can not only clean, but also freshen the air.  There are plenty of different oils that I like to diffuse at bedtime.



Now, since you are following my blog, you probably know that we love finding products that also are eco-friendly.  The Venta air washers are made from recyclable materials and made with 100% green energy.

Me and the kids snuggling

Our family loves our Venta Airwasher and the many benefits of it.  I love knowing we are breathing in clean air as we get our rest.  Or just snuggle up in bed.  How could you benefit from having a Venta Airwasher in your home or office?



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  • Team Venta wants to say a HUGE thank you to our friends at Our Piece of Earth for their wonderful words about the Venta Airwasher. We are so pleased to hear that perfectly humidified and pure air is agreeing with you lovely family.

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