It is winter out!

It is winter out!

In case you haven’t noticed, it is winter outside!  Especially here in Minnesota, it is cold.  Today in fact, there is a high of 18 degrees farenheit.  I feel so bad for our doggy – we can’t allow him into the house during the day except at naptime because he gets anxious around kids and snaps.  We absolutely can’t have him snap at our daughter, so we had to find something where he could still stay warm in the garage.  Our solution -a portable heater.  Plus – we can also use the heater for many other things ( like ice fishing).  
If you are looking for a portable heater that will keep you warm this summer, you should check out equip supply. com.  They offer a wide variety of portable heaters – from electric, oil fueled, natural gas, radient heaters  and even propane fueled heaters.  You can also pick up some propane accessories.  Whether you are looking for a small personal heater or a larger heater, you will find a wide selection of heaters available at great prices!  Check these out and stay warm this winter!!!

Do you spend much time outdoors during the winter?  Do you live in a cold area where you need a portable heater ever?

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  • Our winters are cold and windy and full of ice. Lots of black ice and slippery roads. I wouldn’t know what to do if we got tons of snow like up where you live. I would probably be housebound. I don’t like the cold.

    • Most of the time, all of the snow doesn’t even phase me, but two years ago, it was so bad! The ice storms are what do me in. I backed out of the garage that year, and I just slid right into the tree in reverse. Not fun. Decided to stay home, but had to carry the infant seat back up the icy driveway into the garage. It was horrible!

  • WELLLLL – not here in Texas. Pretty nice still out there….I did hear it will get down to 30 degrees tonight. I’m waiting for a big freeze though!!! That portable heater looks warm!!!

    • We could really use another one for the garage for the winter, then John would get a lot more stuff done! He can only stay out there so long, even with one heater, but we have a huge garage!

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