It’s all about love, love, love…

It’s all about love, love, love…

Do you love cloth diapers?  I love cloth diapers.  As in love to the point where I’m starting to feel like a hoarder.  I have some diapers that never get used, but I just can’t bring myself to sell them.  What if they are my favorite for the next kid I keep telling myself.  
When I started out using cloth diapers, I didn’t expect to be blogging about them sometime later.  There are a few major reasons I love cloth diapers though, and I thought I would share them with you.
Money  This was my main reason for switching.  I work from home, I love doing laundry, so why not, right?  Now that John is laid off, we are really broke, and it’s nice not having to squeak out money to pay for diapers!  
 Environment  To be honest, when we started using cloth, this really had nothing to do with it.  Selfish, right?  But, now that we started, I love knowing that I’m not adding to the landfills with tons and tons of diapers.  Plus, it has encouraged us to make even more eco friendly choices in our daily lives.
No toxins  This has become a big deal to me.  When we had our kids, that sort of thing just wasn’t on my radar.  I just assumed that everything was perfectly safe for babies, otherwise, they couldn’t sell it, right?
Cute little fluffy butts  Need I say more?  When I look at pictures of Maggie as a baby with disposables, that’s what I notice first in the picture.  Charlie wore disposables for the first couple days in the hospital, just so it was easier to see how wet he was, but after that, done!  

Accessorize and collect  Haha.  But seriously, isn’t it fun when the diaper matches the outfit?  Or, cheers your team on?  Plus, you can collect them, and there are always more you want.
Those are my reasons for loving cloth diapers!  What are yours?  
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