It’s almost Christmas!

I am so very excited for Christmas! Maggie is 14 months old now, and we know she can open presents because she opened all of her presents on her birthday! So far, she pretty much has left the tree and presents alone, except once in awhile she carries a present around the house. She is so funny and makes me laugh all day long! This Christmas will be so different from last year with Maggie because now she can interact and do things on her own and it is so incredible to watch! Next Christmas we will have the new baby as well and each year seems to be more fun than the last.

John’s family is coming over on Christmas Eve day, then we are going to an extended family Christmas Eve with Santa, then Christmas day is church and then my family’s house. Should be a fun few days but I’m thinking naps may be a lost cause! Yikes!

Merry Christmas everybody!

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