It’s My Birthday!!!

It’s My Birthday!!!

Today is my birthday.  I know I am 33 now, but I LOVE my birthday!  Every year, my family that can make it all gets together at lunch at Olive Garden – my favorite place to eat!  Today, only one person made it 🙁 but at least it was still somebody.  The others ended up not being able to at the last minute.  We had very yummy food and dessert. 

Then as a special treat, we got a pedicure.  I asked for a gift certificate for one since I can’t reach my toes and they very badly needed some love.  And to top that off, I have never had a pedicure before.  Fact:  I love to be touched….weird but that’s how it is.  It felt so great to get my feet massaged and painted.  And the lady doing my toes even put on a special design just for my birthday 🙂


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