Itti Bitti Tutto *Review and Giveaway*

I was offered a chance to review an Itti Bitti Tutto and I was so excited!!! If you haven’t felt one of these diapers, you are missing out.  They are so incredibly soft.  Even my daughter likes to touch them.
Thank you so much for the chance to review this diaper.  So much cuteness to put on my little girls tush!
 Not only did I get the chance to review one, but one of you fantastic readers will win one of your own!

The very first thing I will say I love about the Itti Bitti Tutto is how trim it is between the legs.  This diaper is definitely more narrow than many other diapers.  The Tutto comes with 3 different BAMBOO soaker pads.  One more thing I love.  I am a huge fan of bamboo.  I find it extremely absorbent and soft.  The soft minkee cover feels so nice to the touch, comes in 18 adorable colors and seasonal prints, and doesn’t require a cover.  
The soaker pads can seem overwhelming the first time you see them, but they are color coded which helps when snapping them together and into the shell of the diaper.  The wrapper around the diaper also contains a great starting point for what soakers you may want to use and how to use them.  They recommend a newborn setting, a girl setting and a boy setting and describe which soakers to use and how.  
This diaper can get very tiny for the wee little babies and I am really excited to try it out when the baby is born in a few weeks.  Right now, Maggie is 21 pounds, 31 inches and still has one setting left to go on the diaper.  
The diaper also comes with hip snaps to prevent wing droop.  To add to that awesome feature, the hip snaps have a cover that snaps onto them when they aren’t being used so the snap doesn’t dig into your little ones skin.  
With four different rise settings, this diaper is designed to fit from 8 pounds to 44 pounds.  
Here is a look at just a few of the terrific features of this diaper.  The poo fence on this diaper is one of the best I have seen.  
My Experience with the Tutto

 Hip Snaps with cover
We received the Ayannah print which is adorable!  I love the colors on this print.  We use the long soaker with the mini soaker and are able to get a fantastic fit every time.  These are the diapers I tend to grab when we will be on a long car ride or even for sleeping because they seem to hold all of the little monkeys pee, which is a relief because lately she seems to wet so much that I have to change her really often or have leaks, which is pretty new to us.  We bought our first Tutto when they first came to the US, and we were only using the small soaker pad.  When she started leaking through it, it took a few tries to find the right combination of soakers to keep her from leaking, but after a couple tries, it held up fantastic for us.  
The poo fence definitely contains the messes extremely well.  
These pictures showing how the diaper fits her are surprising because it’s the first time I have ever gotten her to cooperate for pictures.  As you can see, she was posing a bit just to show off this diaper 🙂

I read a review about the difficulties in rinsing out this diaper, so I wanted to address that as well.  We have a diaper sprayer, but it has never been hooked up because we have solid piping instead of flex tubing and I don’t know how to hook it up.  Instead, we have a washtub next to the washing machine and that’s where I rinse out her diapers after I shake out the clumps into the toilet.  This system has worked well for us with all of our diapers, and I do not have any trouble rinsing them clean.  Unsnapping the soakers before throwing them in the wash can get a bit messy, but what I do sometimes is throw them in the first cold wash with no detergent cycle and then before I add the detergent, I unsnap the soakers.  
This diaper can also be used as a shell with multiple inserts.  You can simply unsnap the inserts once your little one wets and snap in a new set if the shell is dry.  We haven’t tried this method to see how well it works because I find it just as easy to put another diaper on her.  The shell isn’t one you can just wash off though because it would take a bit longer to dry than a normal cover would.  

These diapers are so trim underneath her clothes.  I will add that these are some of my very favorite diapers.  I love love love them!  

I don’t line dry my diapers too often (usually because I forget to wash them until it’s night and then I don’t want to go outside to the clothesline).  I have line dried them before though, and once in awhile, the soaker pads get a bit stiff and need a few minutes in the dryer.  This doesn’t happen all of the time though.  

I can’t say enough how much I love these diapers! 

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