Jan 18 – My Cloth Diaper Wash Routine #clothdiaperbloghop

Every week, I am linking up with an awesome group of gals for Cloth Diaper 101.  Julie at My Cloth Diaper Stash thought it would be fun to link up and share some great cloth diaper information with you.

This weeks topic:  My cloth diaper wash routine.

Cloth Diaper Blog Hop 2013

I think this is a fantastic topic.  Wash routine can be one of the most troublesome things for people using cloth diapers, and not finding the answer can cause many people to just give up using cloth.

I had the stink problem with my diapers for quite awhile, and nothing I changed helped until…..I went back to my original cloth diaper wash routine and started using Calgon!  No, not the take me away Calgon, but the hard water Calgon awesomeness.

Here’s what I do:
Cold rinse
Hot wash with detergent (Eco Sprout of course) and a capful of Calgon – I get mine at Walmart
Warm rinse
Cold rinse

Sometimes I line dry, sometimes I just toss them in the dryer.   In the dryer, I use my dryer balls to help cut down on dry time. 

I could probably just do two cold rinses, but the only way I remember where I’m at in my wash routine is because each cycle is a different temperature!  I tried lots of different detergents, but Eco Sprout has by far been my very favorite!  Plus, if you have questions, Jared is super duper awesome about helping you figure it out.

Be sure to hope around and read everybody else’s posts about their wash routines. 

What is your cloth diaper wash routine?  What detergent do you use and love?  Or not love?

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  • I’m completely new the cloth diapering, as my little hasn’t arrived just yet, I am still in the process of stocking up my stash. I ordered a bunch of RLR detergent for stripping the diapers. I’ve read some pretty good reviews on it, and am hoping that it works really good. I still haven’t found an regular detergent to use yet. Was thinking Rock’N’Green unless I learn about something else that I should use with my hard water.

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