Little Love Buns Detergent *Review*

Another great product review from one of my fabulous sponsors
First off, the owner of Little Love Buns, Dallas, is wonderful to work with! She is a proud wife and a mother of 3.  She began her cloth diapering journey after the birth of her twins.  After battling stains, smells, build up and irritation, she decided to create a detergent that would fix these issues.  After months of research and trial and error, she came up with her perfect detergent.  One of her children had very sensitive skin and eczema so she came up with detergent, wipe solution and soap that would help her babys skin and not make it worse.  Dallas prides herself on making almost every product she sells.  Throughout my blogging days, Dallas is definitely one of the nicest people I have met.  She is wonderful at keeping in touch and making sure that her products are working well for me. 

About the detergent
I received the Strawberry Watermelon Detergent.  Just the sound of it makes me think of yummy summertime things!  The detergent smells so good.  The detergent can be purchased in a 6 pack sampler, a small bag of detergent or a large bag of detergent.  Her prices are so affordable!  $11.00 for a large 85/170 load bag of detergent.  You definitely get more bang for your buck with this detergent.  The detergent comes in 7 different scents with many more scents available with a custom order.  

I received from Little Love Buns this detergent, 3 scents of wipe bits and a super soft wipe to test out.  The detergent worked great for us.  We did a soak in the detergent before we started using it.  After that, we used 2-3 scoops of detergent per load of laundry.  
The detergent got our diapers very clean and we had no problems with leaks.  There was a period of a few days where the diapers were super stinky when Maggie would go pee in them and we had a few leaks.  I mentioned this to Dallas, and she was very quick to respond.  We talked back and forth trying to figure out the problem.  After talking with her, I decided to give it a few more days.  Maggie was sick and I wasn’t sure if that had something to do with it.  Once she was better, the problems went away, so whatever was going on with her was the reason for the stinkies and the leaking.  It had nothing to do with the detergent and once she was better, it was back to working great.  I love this detergent.  I love the sweet summery scent of it.
Dallas and Little Love Buns has fantastic customer service.  I have no doubt that if the problem I was having was from the detergent that she would have worked with me until we got the problem resolved.  I hope you choose to hop on over to her store and try out some of her fantastic products.  I have no doubt you will fall in love with the affordable prices and the great products.
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