Luvmybox: A little clean fun *Review*

Being a mommy, sometimes it is hard to find time for your spouse, or even finding time to just pamper yourself.  If you can find time to be intimate with your spouse, often times, sleep is the only thing you are really interested in.  Having a little something to change things up may be all you need.  That’s where Luvmybox comes in.  
Luvmybox is a monthly surprise delivered to your door.  Each month has a different theme, some months are a little more naughty, some months are more on the pamper me side.  Each Luvmybox contains a variety of different items to explore with your spouse.  Everything in the boxes is meant for everybody to enjoy.

Kim started Luvmybox for a couple of different reasons.  She didn’t know what toys to try, she was uncomfortable going into the stores, and she was shy and didn’t want to be the one introducing these toys into the relationship.  I can imagine that most women can relate to one of these things.  Luvmybox is the perfect solution to whatever may be holding you back.

Luvmybox arrives in a discreet black box.   When mine arrived, I didn’t open it right away because my niece and nephew were here, and I didn’t know what to expect from it.  When I did open the box, I found it packaged to be very appealing with hot pink tissue paper and black crinkle paper.  It even looked sexy!!!  So I bet you are wondering what I got, aren’t you?

Well, my October Luvmybox contained:
-Rub My Duckie Electronic Massager (with batteries)
-Do not disturb we’re busy exploring our Luvmybox sign
-Not soap radio – pheremone activation bubbles for bath or shower
– Sponge
-Aromatherapy body wash from Bath and Body
-DonaJo bath foam – an aphrodisiac infused cleanser
2 aromatherapy massage and bath oils; invigorate and sensuality 

What mama doesn’t want a little pampering, right?!  Plus, I love the doorknob sign, adds a little touch of secretness (pretty sure I just made up that word).  These products all smell great – well, not the sponge or the duckie, but otherwise, yeppers.  I love the duckie.  My daughter discovered that it vibrates, so she likes to rub my feet with it…not a bad thing. 

Overall, I think Luvmybox is a great idea if you are looking for some adventure or just a change in your love life.  I love stuff like this, so I would even consider subscribing.  And for $35, you are getting a great bargain!  To buy all of this separately, you will spend around $50

Right now, you can treat that certain someone to their very own holiday boutique luvmybox for only $19.95!

Are you ready to get your Luvmybox?  Subscribe now!
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