Maggie’s First Pedicure

Yesterday was a pretty fun, pretty special day.  For birthday presents, I got my cousin and my niece a pedicure, and we have been waiting to find a date that worked for both of them, as well as for me and Maggie.  I know Maggie would be happy to paint her nails at home by herself, but I thought that it would be fun for her to be a part of a little spa day.  Plus, it was a great reason to have a date with my gorgeous little girl.

Pedicure Day

It was a little confusing to me though, this place had all four of us sit down, and then they started making our feet look pretty.  Maggie was excited as she watched Madison get her toes painted, but then she asked when it was her turn.  I assumed that they would start hers next, but instead, they waited for her until they were done with the rest of us.  She was pretty upset about it and kept asking why they weren’t painting her toenails.  But they finally got around to her.  She is so tiny, that even with the seat pulled all of the way forward, she could barely reach to put her feet up.

Our Toes

What are some of your favorite ways to have a girls day? 

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