Make Game Day a Hit with this SNICKERS® Cream Cheese Dip #recipe

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While I really love summer, I get so excited about fall!  Fall means football in our house, and I’m the biggest fan of them all.  Whether it is preseason, regular season, or post season football, you can bet the game is on at our house.  Whether I’m hosting a football party or just trying to get the kids to keep themselves busy so I can yell at the TV, this SNICKERS® Cream Cheese Dip  is sure to be a hit!  Come on – #Chocolate4TheWin

SNICKERS Cream Cheese Dip #recipe #cbias #shop #Chocolate4thewinI love to entertain, whether it is for the kids’ birthday, monthly game night, and especially a football party.  I’m also realistic and know that I don’t have all of the time in the world to get things ready for the party, so I want simple.

SNICKERS Cream Cheese Dip #recipe #cbias #shop #Chocolate4thewinSNICKERS Cream Cheese Dip #recipe #cbias #shop #Chocolate4thewinThere were some things that we really wanted to hit up Sam’s Club for, so while we were there, we picked up a 48 count box of SNICKERS® candy bar, as well as a 105 count variety bag.  If you are going to throw a football party, you have to have chocolate, it’s like a rule to keep even the angry fans happy.

SNICKERS Cream Cheese Dip #recipe #cbias #shop #Chocolate4thewin When it was time to get this party started, we got to work to make our SNICKERS® Cream Cheese Dip.  We didn’t have much time before the game started, but that was alright, we could whip this up in the time it takes for the pudding to set.  Here is what you need:

SNICKERS Cream Cheese Dip #recipe #cbias #shop #Chocolate4thewin~6 SNICKERS® candy bars, chopped

~Nilla Wafers

~1 large box of Vanilla Instant Pudding

~8 ounce package of cream cheese

~2 tbsp butter



*Note:  When I make this again, I will add some coconut.  After I made the dip and started eating it, all I could think was, man, this would be even more amazing with coconut.*

 To get started, chop up the 5 SNICKERS® candy bars, set the 6th one, chopped up, aside for now.


Make pudding according to directions and set in refrigerator to set.

In a saucepan, combine cream cheese, butter and 5 chopped SNICKERS®.  Cook on low until melted.  Add to pudding mixture once set.  Mix well.  Add in remaining chopped SNICKERS®.  Seriously you guys, that is it.  It’s done!  Finished, ready to eat!

SNICKERS Cream Cheese Dip #recipe #cbias #shop #Chocolate4thewinServe with Nilla Wafers and Apples or whatever else you think sounds good.  We even dipped some of the variety bag candy bars in the dip.  It was pretty amazing and very chocolate-y.


How do you prepare for your game day party?  I hope your next one includes this delicious dip.  



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