Manic Monday – Daddy goes back to work!!!

Well, for those that read last weeks post, my daughter had been pretty sick.  We took her in, they said nothing, she got sicker, took her back.  Strep throat and an ear infection.  Poor little munchkin!

Well, Monday they prescribed her Amoxicillan.  Gave her a dose that night and one Tuesday morning.  All of a sudden, I looked down and she is covered front and back with a rash.  Okay, not going to panic, but we should probably call the doctor again.  ~We need you to bring her in right away~  Turns out, she’s allergic to the medicine, but I’m grateful it didn’t cause swelling or breathing problems.  Seriously, this is why we don’t take medicine at our house!!!  But…she is back to her normal self finally.  Now to get back to the naptime struggles we face daily.  A little about that, but I’m writing a post about that on it’s own.  She is a terrible napper.  I can’t get her to sleep more than an hour or so a day and it’s very obvious that she needs more than that a day.  Now, I’m pretty sure I have strep throat….grrrr.

On Monday morning, John had a job interview with another company doing the same thing he does at his current job.  A lot of people he worked with have left over the last year or so to go to this company because they had better benefits and stuff.  Well, they offered him almost $4 an hour less than what his current company pays him.  Plus, told him to not really expect a raise – ever, maybe 3 cents a year or something.  You see, before I met him and straightened him out (*snicker*) he got a few DWI’s.  2 to be exact, but one was all it took.  He lost his CDL and that has greatly affected his ability to get a job with a different company.  For many of the companies, that reason alone will keep him from getting a job or reasonable pay.  Okay, he made the mistakes, but September will mark 5 years from the last one.  Give him his CDL back already!!! 

Later that day, he called his current employer to see what’s up, is he ever going back to work.  Story is, yep sorry dude, but both of our winter jobs got cancelled.  The week after Easter it looks like.  So now we have to decide, can we get by on his unemployment for 3 more weeks?  And of course, he wants me to make this decision for him…not going to happen.  I will not be to blame if the choice you make doesn’t work out. 

Wednesday he calls the place he had the interview with on Monday….not going to take the job (for the record, as broke as we are lately, that’s what I would have suggested he do).  Okay, we will figure something out.  That night or the next morning, I forget which, he gets a call from his boss.  Can you be ready to go back to work Monday?  Ummm….yeah!  So today he left for Illinois for work.  Most likely won’t be back until Easter and then supposedly he will be working on a job out in North Dakota.

Now, if you were a reader awhile back, you know we had a friend of his living here for a month because she was homeless and apparently we like to cause more stress in our lives by helping out people who dont want to help themselves.  And….we are doing it again.  Are you kidding me???  The guy he went out to North Dakota with at the beginning of the month planned on having a job in ND, so when he had to be out of his place by March 1st, no big deal.  Two weeks later, they come home….and he has no home.  So he is “renting” our camper out in the yard and using our bathroom.  Not really a big deal.  Except that he has a male dog who our male dog doesn’t seem to care for.  They were kind of at each other for a bit, now they just have peeing wars all over the place (outside at least).  He owes us money for John fronting him everything out in North Dakota and for renting our camper….gets some and buys smokes and runs around wasting gas.  Fixes his motorcycle that’s in our garage and gets tabs and insurance put on it.  Come on people!!!!!  If we are helping you out, and you know the situation we are in….pay us a little something here or there!

To top it off, I keep having a dream almost nightly that I go into labor really quickly and end up delivering my own baby at home by myself with Maggie running around – Yikes!  And last night, I dreamed the baby came early….really early…I’m only 26 weeks along, and we left the hospital after one day.  I was somewhere and just left the baby in the car.  A little while later, my sister brought the baby in.  Ahhhhh!!!  Too much stress I think, that’s usually the cause.

That’s my Manic Mommy Monday!  Do you have a Manic Monday  you need to share?  Link up.


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