Early Math Books for Babies and Toddlers

I love math, I always have.  Now that I have three little ones, I love how easy and how much fun teaching math is to little kids.  When you have babies or toddlers, math is all about introducing numbers and starting to count.  So much of every day life make great learning moments for the little ones.  Ooh, look at the birdies, should we count them?  1. 2. 3..  If you have little ones, I bet you have done this already.

Now, being the crazy book lady that I am, I want books in the hands of my kids from day one.  I remember when Maggie was born.  I couldn’t wait to rock her and read her her first story.  I felt oddly sad that she just didn’t care, you know, because she was a newborn and didn’t know what a book was, haha.  I also remember getting so excited when she first wanted to read.  Her first book that she loved was an Usborne Books word book.  Pictures of bedtime things and then we look for certain objects.  We read that book about a bazillion times!Books make learning fun and these early math books for babies and toddlers do just that. Encourage a love for reading and math from the very early years.

Since I am an Usborne Books & More consultant, I’ve had some fun discovering even more books that I love and can’t wait to share with friends, family and my readers.  Here are some Usborne math books that are great for introducing numbers to babies and toddlers.  *Because I am a consultant, I earn a commission on all sales through my links.  By ordering through these links, you help support our family and we thank you greatly for that.*

1-2-3 Counting

123 Counting is a great book for babies and makes a wonderful baby shower gift. With a fold out story that stands, this book is the perfect tummy time book for babies.

123 Counting is an amazing book for new babies.  With a fold out, standing book, the fun and engaging pictures are perfect for babies to look at to stimulate their minds while having tummy time.  123 Counting is perfect for tummy time with the fun, engaging pictures, black and white as well as some with color. Get those little minds stimulated right away.


Very First 123

Very First 123 is a great introduction to numbers as babies and toddlers begin learning to count to 5

Very First 123 is a great introduction to numbers, as well as practice counting to 5.


Little Red Penguin NumbersIntroduce numbers 1-10 to babies and toddlers for some fun learning time with your little ones.

These fun little books keep introducing numbers, this time learning numbers 1 to 10.  As part of a fun little four book series, Little Red Penguin Numbers is sure to be a hit.


I Can CountThis series of nine mini books is perfect for little hands to explore and learn about numbers 1 to 10. When play time is over, the books store in a matching case with magnetic closure.

What baby or toddler doesn’t love chunky board books, right?!  Learning to count is so much fun with this series of nine mini board books.  Little ones will have so much fun playing and exploring numbers with these books that are stored in their own matching, magnetic close case.


Those are the Usborne books that are perfect for little baby and toddler hands.  Now, onto some books for toddlers.


Get Dressed, Max and Millie

Get Dressed, Max and Millie

Come along with Max and Millie as they get ready for their day, counting as they go.

Count to 100Count to 100 is packed full of fun illustrations your kids will love.

This is a new release and I haven’t even had the chance to check it out yet but it looks so fun!  You’ve been learning about counting from 1 to 5 and 1 to 10.  What is next?  Let’s add in counting to 100.  With the fun and engaging photos you have come to love from Usborne, this book will be on your bookshelf for years.  This book sticks with them as they grow, grouping things together in a simple introduction to multiplication.

Edited:  I have this book now and I love it!  The photos are amazing, and the way they group the images help early multiplication skills.  You start by counting objects up to ten.  Then 20, 30, 40, etc up to 100.  You can find out more about this fantastic counting book that is so much more than just counting on my Books We Love post about it.


1001 Animals to Spot

Have some fun with the kids with this 1001 Animals to Spot book. Keep their minds and hands busy all while having fun. This book is also available in many other 1001 titles.

This book is one in a series about 1001 things to spot.  With titles like 1001 things to spot on vacation, 1001 bugs to spot, 1001 things to spot in the sea, the list goes on and on.  Each page has different things to spot in the big picture, along with how many of that thing there is.  Not only are they counting out a certain animal while they search but they are learning about different animals.


How Big is a MillionHow Big is a Million is a fun book about a penguin searching for a million. Will he find it? Read it and see.

This cute story is sure to delight your kids as a little penguin goes on a search for a million.  Read along to learn about the different numbers he encounters on the way.


Finger Match Math ReadinessFinger Match Math Readiness gets those little hands involved for some silly learning fun.

With some fun, hands on learning time, even the youngest of learners will want to get started.


These are my Usborne Books math choices for babies and toddlers.  Which one are you most excited about?  Visit my website to place your order.  Want to earn books for FREE?  Hosting a Facebook party is so much fun with almost no work for you!  Find out more by contacting me today or email me at summers1405 {at} yahoo {dot} com.









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