What Mom Time Looks Like

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I have to say, this pregnancy has made me a little cranky.  I struggle to find even 5 minutes to myself, and I know I’ve been taking on way too much lately.  I am exhausted, hungry and just want to be left a lone for a few minutes each day.  It is time for me to re-evaluate what mom time looks like for me.

#shop, #MyGoodLifeFor the most part, the only chance at finding some mom time is during nap.  That works out pretty well, because I need a second lunch right around that time.  Did I mention I am 7 months pregnant?  I can hardly eat more than a few bites of something before I get heartburn, so I have to eat again a few hours later.  The problem is, I often just eat too much and feel horrible afterwards because I don’t want to have to cook something else every few hours.  Then I’m crabby because I feel horrible!

#shop, #MyGoodLifeSo while we were at Walmart last week, I decided to peek into the freezer section and see if I could find anything that sounded and looked good enough to have for a snack.  I found the Lean Cuisine Culinary Collection and decided to give them a try.  They actually looked delicious.  After getting the kids down for their naps the other day, I decided it really was my chance at some mom time.  I threw the Monterey Jack Jalepeno Stuffed Pretzels into the microwave, then took my book and my pretzels outside to enjoy the sunshine.  I have to find out where I can get the Lean Cuisine Culinary Collection Pita Breads and dips because they do not carry them at our store and they look AMAZING!

#shop, #MyGoodLifeWhile there were a million other things that I should have been doing, it felt so good to sit down and eat something without little hands trying to steal my food, and just enjoy my book for a little while before getting back to work.  As I sat there, I realized that this is #MyGoodLife and I was determined to carve out a little time when I could for some me time.

#shop, #MyGoodLifeWhat little things have you found to give yourself some mom time?  


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