Mommy Confessions {Tuesday’s Toddler Tales linkup}

Mommy Confessions {Tuesday’s Toddler Tales linkup}

Okay, fess up mommies, what are your secrets?

I will drop absolutely anything I am doing to play or read books, especially read books, and my 2 year old knows that….and loves that.  I said only 3 books before bed and nap, but I enjoy that time so much, I generally just keep on going when she asks.  It’s tough.

I love the smell of baby spit up, or at least my baby’s spit up.  Not a fan of formula spit up, but the smell of his when he was spitting up a lot just made me want to hold and snuggle him more.

I also love the smell of his breath!  It’s the sweetest scent ever.  I remember feeling the exact same way about Maggie.

Laundry is a peaceful chore for me.  Except for putting it away.  But folding laundry calms me.

I often stop what I’m doing and just watch the kids play when they aren’t aware of it.  I have learned a lot from them this way.

I love having my babies sleep with me.  I sleep better, and most nights, so do they.  Maggie now sleeps just as good no matter where she sleeps, but I always sleep better when she snuggles back into bed with me.

Each week we are linking up for Tuesday’s Toddler Tales.  This week’s topic is Mommy Confessions.  Next week, we are talking about what is or was your “other” job if you had/have one?

So, what are your mommy confessions?  Share below or better yet, link up with us!  


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