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Awhile back, I shared a new blog with you – From Me To Mommy.  My very dear friend Katie is the mommy behind it and I am super excited to share with you a guest post from her today.

Katie’s daughter Zoe and my little Maggie – love this picture
I was so excited when I was invited to do a guest post! Shannon and I have been friends for a couple years now and I just recently made the jump into the blogging world!  Today, I am going to talk with you all about keeping your sanity as a mother.
We all know that it can be tough keeping up with work, home, husband, kids, friends and a hobby for yourself when you find an extra 3 minutes to spare.  And, sometimes, between being puked on, digging through loads of laundry to find the last pair of clean undies for your potty training toddler and trying to throw on at least a clean shirt to be cute when your husband get home from work, we get lost and lose it!  If you have ever listened to any mom talk or read anything about parenting, you know that this is normal and anticipated but somehow when I tell people that Hallie never slept more than 45 minutes at a time before a year old (yes, it’s a true statement), its always with a smile and laughing when I look back on the crazy sleep deprivation and near inability to function.  Well, when you are in the thick of that reality, it’s not quite so hilarious.  It is exhausting, draining and frustrating but sure not funny!  Having just gone through about 2 months of straight illness in our home, I am dragging!  But there are a few things over my past 2.5 years as a mother that I have learned to pull me through those hard times.
First, get connected.  Find a moms group that you love and fits your family and parenting styles! Moms need other moms.  We go to the le leche league twice a month and it has helped me find other moms that fit my parenting philosophy and had advice on everything from breast feeding to sleep issues to meal planning ideas.  I have learned a lot about myself as a mom and what types of ideals are important to me.  Now, they tend to be a lot more organic than I am and 2.5 years later I am still not a cloth diaper convert but they accept me and help me achieve my goals without giving up on the mom I want to be because I simply ran out of ideas.  Its also a great place to find play dates! This is actually how I met Shannon and my playdates help on days that I just don’t have the patience and need another mom, and maybe a glass of wine, to make it through my day.  We also go to a MOPS group in the area which is awesome.  It is faith based, but best of all, you drop your kids off to play in with a caretaker in the church playroom and go have some adult time with the other moms.  I have gotten the most rejuvenating talks and free moments while my children are off playing with their friends. It is so great for all of us!  You just have to get connected!
Second, get a date night.  I struggle with this one, especially while I am nursing but it is so important.  Even a half hour run to Menards to pick up the part for the broken faucet.  Just adult time without the kids a couple times a month.  Also, date night, while I love my husband and enjoy time with him, doesn’t have to be with your significant other.  Girls night or a pedicure on saturday afternoon is just as important.  Girl dates are one of the things I truly miss from when I just had Hallie because its just harder now to take both girls out for lunch and I miss my non mommy friends because of it.  It is so nice to get a night to go be single again while my husband is home with our girls.
Third, and I just did this one in my house, get a toy room! Seriously, we all know that picking up toys with a toddler around is like shoveling in a blizzard.  It just isn’t effective and at the end of the day everyone is frustrated.  Frustrated toddler whose toys keeping being put in bins instead of the floor where they belong and frustrated mom who keeps finding toys on the floor instead of bins where they belong 🙂 I guess on that one its a matter of perspective.  Honestly, we just had my 2 year old niece over for the weekend and those girls screamed, squealed, ran, jumped and colored for 2 days straight and the toy room looked like a toy bomb had gone off.  However, the rest of my home remained spotless (or at least as good as it was before she arrived) and instead of a stressful monday full of cleaning, 25 dedicated minutes while my husband watched the girls and it looked as if they had never touched a toy.  Toy room equals genius for a tired mama!
I hope you all know that in your moments of fried nerves and desperate pleas for your baby to just go to sleep, every other mom is there with you rooting you on and empathizing with your tired, worn out shoes.
How do you keep your sanity as a mom?  Be sure to visit Katie over at From Me To Mommy.

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