My Adventures in Tandem Nursing

I am a blogger for The Boob Group and my first post is published.  I would love for you to head over to the blog and hear what I have to say.   I wrote this post about the beginning of our adventures in tandem nursing and why we made the choice to continue nursing our daughter and how it is going for us.  


    • It is going really well, although right now it’s rough. Maggie, Charlie and I are all sick, really icky sick 🙁 She still loves him so much. When John was home this last weekend, Charlie actually snuggled up to daddy which was great for them. Plus it gave me snuggle time with Maggie. I hope you are doing good. I haven’t had a chance to read your post about your trip yet, I am trying to catch up on so much stuff, and this awful sickness isn’t helping.

      Charlie is a great sleeper at night, usually only wakes once a night. Maggie still wakes up more than that! He’d take good naps, but Maggie wakes him up every time.

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