My blog should reflect who I am

I have been wanting my blog to reflect who I am for awhile now, and finally, it does!  Are you in love with it?  I sure am.  And so I am super excited to share with you the woman behind the design.  Karine from SAHM of Drama Queens and a Prince and I had been talking for a few months about her possibly redesigning my blog for me.  Then, when I got the email to review Dreamhost for my web hosting, I had also received an email from somebody wanting to redesign my blog.  I talked with Karine to be sure she would be okay with it since we had been talking for awhile.  As it turned out, the lady who had contacted me, never answered my emails, so I made this really awful attempt to do something to my new blog myself.  Well, I had still been talking to Karine about other blog stuff and she asked me a few questions, and in no time at all, she had a new design for me.  I’m happy to be the first person to receive a complimentary blog design from her.


To say I was excited was putting it mildly.  I had been wanting to make a switch for at least 6 months and I was finally able to do it.  I told her very little about what I wanted it to look like because I had no idea what I wanted.  I knew I wanted earthy colors, and I wanted the separate boxes for different categories of posts on the front page.  She came back pretty fast with a design, much faster than I expected because I know she had been really busy.  I really liked what she had done and only had 2 things I asked her to switch, and both of them were in the fonts on a few of the words.  That was it.  Otherwise, this entire design was all her and I LOVE IT!  I love how the leaves are hearts with my social media icons.  I love the signature at the bottom.  The tabs on the sidebar allow me to keep it clutter free but still easy enough for readers to navigate.


Then came the tricky part…installing it.  I was a bit nervous, but she was talking me through it.  There was something crazy happening and it didn’t work quite right for me.  I told her and she talked me through a few things, and in the end, ended up installing it herself for me.  A huge help, because, well, the whole WordPress thing is new to me!


I hope you have been enjoying navigating around the site.  Have you checked out the new drop down menus for reviews?  I find it easier to find what I want instead of one page with all of the different reviews I have done.


And, let’s not forget, she also designed a few buttons for me.  The one for my blog, Tuesday’s Toddler Tales button, as well as the button for Tuesday’s Time To Win linky button.  Isn’t she awesome!

Our Piece of Earth buttonTuesday's Time To WinTuesday's Toddler Tales button

While her store isn’t open quite yet, she does have a Facebook page where you can check out her rates.  Aside from buttons, she also makes logos and invitations and business cards.  She is open to some custom blog designs so if you are interested, be sure to send her a message.  Thank you so much Karine for making my blog look amazing!


What do you think of the new look?  I know, it’s been up for a little bit now, but I wanted you to have time to check it all out before posting this.


*Disclosure:  I received the blog design complimentary for the purposes of this review.  All opinions are 100% my own.*



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