My daughter rocks! MMM

My daughter rocks! MMM

It’s Manic Mommy Monday – but I won’t lie, it wasn’t very manic.  We actually had a great weekend – with one exception.  I will start with that minor little thing.

If you have been keeping up, you know that we have somebody living in a camper in our yard.  Our male dog doesn’t like him.  The dog actually peed on him last week – it makes me giggle.  But Friday night, Maggie and I were at a retirement party for her Grandpa.  We get a phone call from D, our yard dweller.  D has a dog, a pitbull, a male pitbull who our male dog does not like at all.  We keep them separated, but they were doing better.  D let his dog out and Buddy Boy was out.  Buddy bit D’s dog, D’s dog bit Buddy Boy.  Great!  Buddy is old, to be honest, if something happens to him we would probably have to put him down because he probably won’t live more than a year or so more.  Then he tells me he went to check on Buddy to see if he was bleeding and Buddy tried to bite him.  Buddy doesn’t like him!  Grrr…  End of the exception, now onto the good stuff.

Friday, we got to celebrate.  Maggie’s grandpa finished his last day of work EVER!  How exciting!!!  So we got to join them for dinner at Olive Garden which just happens to be my very favorite restaurant.  Maggie got sick of sitting so I let her down, even though it was really busy on a Friday night.  She ran laps around our table in the bar area.  She didn’t get in anybody’s way and everybody was getting such a kick out of her.  Then she played peek a boo with the server.  Funny little girl.

Saturday night SHE SLEPT IN HER CRIB…..ALL NIGHT LONG…..this has never happened….seriously never ever ever!  (Too bad I couldn’t sleep).  I am so proud of her!  She woke up so happy but who wouldn’t after close to 12 hours of sleep.

Today is Palm Sunday – I know, stating the obvious, right.  Well, our church hands out palm fronds for the service.  We were singing a song, and Maggie grabs the palm frond and starts waving it like everybody else was doing.  It was seriously adorable and I took a video of her cuteness during church.  She was full of energy so I am glad we sit next to our friend Donny who gets a kick out of her and loves her because she was climbing all over him.

Then we went to the Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by my office.  Shocking as I am sure this is, but her favorite part was the dog that was there.  There was also somebody dressed up as the Easter Bunny and she ran right up to him and gave him the rock she picked up.  She got to sit in the back of the police car and climb in the fire truck.  When it was time for the egg hunt, she found one egg and is smart enough to know there is candy in there so she didn’t even try to get more eggs.

Do you want my rock?

Maggie and one of her buddies from “school” in the cop car

Mom – seriously, just give me the candy!!!

Before bed, she kept patting the floor by the couch so that we could read books together for at least 30 minutes.  She’s just like her mommy!

We are going to be working on potty training soon.  She loves to sit on the potty and wipe with toilet paper even though she doesn’t go yet.  Yesterday, she even grabbed daddy’s biker magazine and sat on her potty.  She just cracks me up!

That’s our weekend in a nutshell.  So much fun!  If you made it to this part of the post, you got to read all of my rambling (bragging) about how awesome my little Maggie is!


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