My little cowboy/cowgirl

This was the second time now that we have gone over to our friend Heather’s for the kids to ride the horses.  My niece, Madison loves horses, and so does Maggie.  They have so much fun getting to ride the horses and learn to do things on their own.  I wasn’t really sure how Charlie would react because he is scared of random things lately.  He would reach to pet the horses, then want to get away, and repeat that over and over.  At one point, I told Heather that when the girls switched horses again, I wanted to see if Charlie would sit up there for a picture or two.  Much to my surprise, he lunged for the horse shortly after I said that.  I sat him up there with Maggie and he loved it!  And then, he lurched forward to come down.  It was so cute, don’t you agree?


Wordless Wednesday, Kids and horses


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